Marketing Your eLearning Internally – Start With the Why

There are a number of obstacles to overcome when building an elearning program in your workplace. OpenSesame has sought to provide resources for some of these challenges, such as avoiding the common myths of elearning, as well as providing a step-by-step guide on how to build an elearning plan. Next to these hurdles, the most common issue we hear is how to market elearning internally once a program is launched. Over the next month, we will be sharing tips on marketing your elearning program and ideas you can replicate or adapt for your company. If something has worked for you, please feel free to share!

Start with the Why: Objectives & Benefits

Starting something new is always a bit scary. This is particularly true when instituting a new program in the workplace. Employees are often suspicious of the motives behind a change, and are apprehensive about what it means for their workload and job roles. Therefore, launching an elearning program at your company without first addressing these concerns can result in low usage and a lack of interest in the program.

Successful elearning programs are based on a strong set of objectives. Employees are more likely to become engaged with elearning when they understand how the training will help move the company forward, as well as the benefits of training for their own role.

A great way to start marketing your elearning internally, before the program is even launched, is to highlight the company or department level objectives for the program, as well as the benefits to your employees. This way, you can address any questions or concerns early, and even possibly make adjustments to your program prior to release. This marketing should continue throughout the program, as a reminder or to update employees on new benefits or features.

Getting Started

Your company pursued elearning training for a reason—share it! If, for example, your company is looking for an easier way for employees to stay up-to-date on regulations, share how the mobility of taking courses online makes it easier to take courses when and wherever employees need them. If you are looking to increase sales through better customer service, discuss how the courses provide simulation to help employees develop skills before communicating with actual customers. Each benefit or feature should be tied to an objective.

Here is an exercise to help get you started:

Increase number of internal applicants to management positions  Leadership and Management courses are bundled  Employees who want to build the skills needed to apply for management positions have all the courses in one place; no need to go hunting for the proper mix
Reduce burden of elearning on schedules Majority of elearning courses are 15 minutes or less

Employees can easily manage their time commitments and fit elearning into their schedule

Ensure employees are up-to-date on current state/federal regulations Inline quizzes and certificates Managers will be able to track employee comprehension, and employees receive a certificate to prove compliance

If you have examples of how sharing the “why” behind your elearning program has worked for you, please share! The next post in our “Marketing Your eLearning Initiative” series will cover the the importance of champions in marketing elearning internally and how to activate them.

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