My Valentine for the eLearning Community

My Valentine for the eLearning Community

I am celebrating Valentine’s Day with a love letter to the elearning community, in appreciation of the group’s collective willingness to share resources, exchange ideas and encourage peers.

Creating an elearning community of practice is simple. For such a targeted topic of discussion, there is a large group of elearning practitioners active in blogs and social networks (see our blog roll on the right for ideas). There are diverse discussions about theory, technicalities and practice, and tons of people who are willing to provide advice and guidance.

Each morning, my Google Reader and HootSuite pages are full of new ideas that inspire conversations in our office, ideas for new features in our elearning marketplace and sometimes, general laughter. I’m grateful for the hundreds of opportunities to learn I get each week through this community and specifically through connections I have made through #lrnchat to elearning thought leaders.

More than just a richly supportive network, the elearning community acts as an example to our customers, the learners in academic and professional environments worldwide. This Valentine’s Day, I wish for everyone to find a network of committed and thoughtful peers who will inspire, support and inform. May the elearning community inspire learners everywhere to create lively and meaningful learning networks.

An Invitation

In closing, we have an invitation. We are recruiting elearning professionals to be OpenSesame expert reviewers.

Our goals are to provide buyers with trustworthy information about the quality and purpose of courses and also to promote a lively community around our marketplace. While we do not wish to suppress critical reviews, we want to encourage reviewers to frame their feedback in a useful and constructive way, providing action items for the course creators.

If you are interested in being one of OpenSesame’s expert reviewers, please send me an email

Photo Credit: kimrv on Flickr