New in the Catalog: Microsoft Office Training from Sonic Performance Support

Today we’re excited to announce our elearning marketplace now features excellent Microsoft Office training courses from our partners at Sonic Performance Support.

Sonic Performance Support is a leader in developing video elearning and workplace support for all learning levels in short, engaging and easily understandable “bursts” of training content focused on desktop applications as well as custom content and management skills.

Our goal is to create a marketplace where elearning customers can find all the courses they need in one place – but only pay for the courses they actually use. We’re thrilled to work with Sonic to ensure we have a great selection of short knowledge bursts that enable employees to learn to use Microsoft Office applications and apply their new skills instantly.

These excellent video courses connect learners with the opportunity to learn exactly what they need to learn, at the moment they need it, simply. Check out some of their great courses:

With beginning, intermediate and advanced courses on all the major Office applications, Sonic has learning opportunities for everyone. If you are interested in trying these courses out in your LMS, let us know! We’ll get you a demo license. No LMS? Let us know. We have solutions.