New Free Course: Twitter for Beginners

New Free Course: Twitter for Beginners

I use Twitter every day for personal and professional development. It’s a powerful vehicle for learning, connecting with people, getting professional advice and keeping up on current events. But it’s not just a messaging service; it’s a platform for information, curation and connection. It’s also a great equalizer. If you ask a good question or share a unique insight, you’ll be surprised whom you’ll meet.

But after fielding piles of questions from friends and coworkers on how to get started with Twitter, I decided to apply the elearning ethic and create a reusable resource to share. I’m happy to share the first in a series of quick video courses on using Twitter targeted to people who want to make the most of it for professional development and networking.

In the first video, I cover the most basic basics: understanding the twitter conversation. To watch the course, sign in, go to the course page and click preview on the left side.

In addition to the online viewing, this course is freely available in the OpenSesame marketplace if you want to add it to your organization’s LMS to track participation.

Future Twitter for Beginners courses will cover building your Twitter network, using apps to manage the firehose of tweets and best practices for participating in conversations. I’m eager to hear your feedback, comments and corrections.