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New Funding for the World’s eLearning Marketplace

Today we are proud to share big news from OpenSesame HQ: We have raised $2 million in funding to accelerate OpenSesame’s development (for full details, read the press release).

While it’s great news, this funding announcement isn’t our OpenSesame success story. Our success will be measured by creating products that customers love – because they solve our customers’ problems and save them time and money. We have built a platform that makes it possible to research, preview, purchase, and deploy courses simply and instantly.

Since our public launch in November 2010, the marketplace has quickly grown to more than 1,700 courses from more than 120 different course sellers. Our goal is to make it as easy to buy and sell elearning courses as it is to shop for songs on iTunes. We will use this funding to unlock elearning for buyers and sellers worldwide by accelerating growth of the OpenSesame platform, with more courses, more features and more people.

We’re making this announcement this week while participating in TechCrunch Disrupt SF, where OpenSesame’s co-founders Don Spear, Josh Blank, and Tom Turnbull will demonstrate the marketplace to investors, media, and technology innovators. We appreciate the ideas, feedback, and support we have received from the elearning community. Keep it coming! It’s your commitment to buying and selling great elearning resources that makes OpenSesame work.