Woman typing on her computer

Office Ergonomics: Staying Safe and Healthy in the Workplace

It may not seem like working in an office environment would pose many dangers to personal safety. However, if the proper ergonomic procedures are not used, employees can develop and suffer from serious long-term injuries that can affect their day-to-day lives.

Simple ergonomic techniques such as adjusting your seat to the correct level, using footrests, adjusting your keyboard to the right height, maintaining good sitting posture, keeping your computer monitor at the right brightness and many more can have a significant effect on your health.

Implementing these simple procedures can prevent musculoskeletal, eye, and ear injuries and ensure that you are able to stay healthy and productive. At OpenSesame, we offer many office safety courses that will train employees in how to properly implement the correct ergonomic strategies needed to prevent many overlooked office or cubicle injuries.

Below are 5 great office ergonomic training courses from OpenSesame’s marketplace that come from some of the best names in online training courses.

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