Electrical safety training

Online Electrical Safety Training – What You Need to Know

Due to the nature of the work electricians perform day in and day out, electrical safety training is a necessary step that must be taken in order to have a safe and productive working environment. For electricians, training isn’t just something that must be done because it’s a work requirement; it’s necessary because their very lives depend on it. Working with live and potentially deadly electricity can be life-threatening, which is why everyone in the trade should understand property safety and use of electrical equipment.

The United States Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) has made it mandatory for electricians and electrical companies to undergo and provide training to workers. Training programs are often divided into three categories, namely proper practices while working, environmental safety and recognition of hazardous situations.

Online electrical safety training is a relatively new form of training that—as the name suggests—takes place online. This training method was designed for electrical companies and organizations with employees that have a variety of working shifts and schedules, making it hard to assemble all of them in one location and a specific time in order for them to learn about work safety.

Online electrical safety courses are the solution to this problem, as they offer the same training and information found in onsite courses. Convenience is their biggest selling point, as their availability online means that it’s largely up to trainees to decide when they want to be trained and at what pace. All one needs is a computer that’s connected to the Internet and powerful enough to handle videos and web streaming. Online training is also fun and more interactive due to the use of videos, audio clips and other digital platforms.
Most online electrical safety training courses cover topics such as: the importance of electrical safety, ensuring a safe work environment, equipment maintenance, personal protection as well as various safety standards by the OSHA.

Most online training courses however, are geared towards continual learning and focuses on work practices. These are useful for all electricians regardless of their skill and experience, as it can never hurt to have a refresher course every now and then. Work practices training will revolve around the most common dangers associated with electricity—fire, burns and shocks—and making the necessary precautions to avoid them. Expect to learn about the dangers of faulty wiring, how to best use electrical equipment such as wires and cords, proper handling of circuitry, preventing overheating and more.

Make sure you or your organization is updated on electrical safety practices by enrolling in the proper courses online. 

Image Credit: daoro on Flickr