OpenSesame adds Featured Course view

Here at OpenSesame, we are always working on ways to make finding the right elearning course as simple as possible. In addition to our many browsing and search options, OpenSesame recently updated our Seller profiles to include a ‘Featured Course’ view option.

The featured course option allows sellers to highlight a course on their OpenSesame profile next their company information. Updating the featured course regularly encourages frequent buyers to come back to a seller’s page to see what’s new, as well as allows sellers to draw attention to quality content from their catalog.

featured course example


Adding a Featured Course

To add a featured course, log into OpenSesame and go to your seller profile page. Click ‘Edit’ and scroll down to the bottom of the page. You’ll see a section “Make Featured Course”. Enter part of title you’d like to search and click ‘Search’ to have a list of results drop down below the search bar. Click the course title you’d like to feature and you’re done! You can also designate additional courses to highlight under the Secondary Featured Courses section.

Workers image credit: LouisvilleUSACE 
Exclamation Point image credit: Zooboing