OpenSesame announces expanded partnership with Global Learning Systems to extend IT security and compliance training

Portland, OR – 29 April 2020 – OpenSesame, the elearning innovator, announced the addition of Global Learning Systems (GLS) to its popular OpenSesame Plus subscription to expand its global IT security and compliance training offering. Organizations worldwide have moved to remote working, necessitating greater employee awareness of cyber security protocols. 

Global 2000 companies leverage the OpenSesame Plus subscription with over 7,500 curated courses—now including GLS’s interactive, gamified and scenario-based courses—to develop organizational online safety and cyber security awareness.

For over 30 years, GLS has provided cybersecurity awareness and compliance training programs in multiple languages to effectively develop the digital skills needed in today’s evolving business environment at organizations of all sizes. Courses include interactive activities, games, and assessments to engage and measure effectiveness of the training. 

“As more organizations are driving digital transformation of their businesses, they need more sophisticated technical training for their IT technical teams,” said Spencer Thornton, Senior Vice President of Curation at OpenSesame. “GLS’s interactive, multimedia, IT, and language training will ensure OpenSesame customers are ready for the digital future.” 

“Through our expanded partnership, organizations wrestling with the toughest IT security challenges they have ever faced can now access our cybersecurity awareness and secure coding training from OpenSesame.” said Larry Cates, President and CEO of Global Learning Systems. 

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About Global Learning Systems

With more than 30 years of experience developing behavior change programs, Global Learning Systems is an industry leader in security awareness training. The company helps businesses identify areas of vulnerability and change employee behavior to create a security-minded and compliance-oriented workforce. For more information, visit