OpenSesame Announces Expanded Partnership with TalentQuest to Deepen Leadership Training Offering

OpenSesame Announces Expanded Partnership with TalentQuest to Deepen Leadership Training Offering

Behavioral science-based leadership development program enables Global 2000 companies to build better leaders for the future 

Portland, OR – 11 July 2019 – OpenSesame, the elearning innovator, announced TalentQuest has been added to its popular OpenSesame Plus subscription to broaden its curated library of supervisory and leadership training courses. As enterprise organizations grow and evolve, their leaders need to be equipped with effective training tools to quickly ramp new supervisors, enhance critical management skills, and build successful, productive teams. 

Global 2000 companies leverage the OpenSesame Plus subscription with over 6,000 curated courses—now including TalentQuest content— to help address critical skills gaps, position talent for successful long-term careers, and future-proof their organization.

TalentQuest combines over 40 years of talent management expertise with behavioral science into short, engaging microlearning courses to help companies more effectively hire, manage, develop, and retain the best talent. By linking development to competencies, Global 2000 companies can drive organizational success by helping develop better leaders, build high performing teams, and retain top talent. 

“At the core of every successful company lies a strong and effective leadership team. As enterprises grow their multigenerational workforces, the need to quickly develop excellent leaders becomes increasingly more important,” said Spencer Thornton, Vice President of Curation at OpenSesame. “Adding TalentQuest to our OpenSesame Plus subscription helps organizations build leadership skills effectively and efficiently, positioning them for long-term success.”

“OpenSesame delivers innovative online learning experiences and leadership development programs,” says Mahim Mishra, President, Global Talent Development at TalentQuest. “Together with OpenSesame, we will make it easier for organizations to build better leaders.”

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OpenSesame helps develop the world’s most productive and admired workforces. With the most comprehensive catalog of elearning courses from the world’s top publishers, we are here to help you every step of the way, from finding courses, mapping them to your core competencies, syncing them with your LMS to increasing utilization and improving your L&D programs. Not only will you have the flexibility of multiple purchasing options from OpenSesame, you’ll find it simple to use and administer your elearning courses. To learn more, visit

About TalentQuest

TalentQuest has a 45-year history of helping our clients unleash the power of their people. Fueled by behavioral science and our proprietary TQ Talent Insights™, our innovative Talent Management and Learning Solutions enable organizations to shift from a one-size-fits-all to an individualized approach to talent management and development. For additional information, visit, follow us on Twitter (@TalentQuest), or connect with us on LinkedIn.

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