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OpenSesame announces partnership with SunShower Learning to expand its offering of diversity, equity, and inclusion (DEI) training

Organizations can now access emotionally impactful DEI training from SunShower Learning through the OpenSesame catalog

Portland, OR – 23 February 2021 – OpenSesame, the elearning innovator, announced the addition of SunShower Learning to its popular OpenSesame Plus subscription to further expand the curated offering of diversity, equity, and inclusion (DEI) training.

SunShower Learning is the expression of founder Joel Lesko’s passion for film, online learning and diversity, equity and inclusion. Lesko is a documentary filmmaker, author and speaker on unconscious bias and creating a more respectful workplace who has worked with leading organizations including Liberty Mutual Insurance, AT&T, UCLA and others to support their DEI initiatives.

“OpenSesame believes that diversity, equity, and inclusion are fundamental human rights issues — not compliance requirements,” said Spencer Thornton, Senior Vice President of Curation at OpenSesame. “As the world leader in curated enterprise learning, we are committed to using the powerful tools of training and education to help our customers drive meaningful change within their organizations. Partnering with SunShower Learning, an award-winning DEI course publisher, allows us to continue setting the standard for online DEI training content.”

“I’m excited about being part of OpenSesame Plus so that our programs are more readily available to organizations who are eager to walk their diversity, equity and inclusion talk,” said Lesko about SunShower Learning’s partnership with OpenSesame. “I appreciate OpenSesame’s commitment to DEI training and with their support, we’ll be able to accelerate our development of courses. Our goal is to create learning experiences that deliver emotional impact and concrete skills that people can practice to disrupt unconscious bias, disarm microaggressions and help create more inclusive, respectful workplaces where people feel like they belong.”

Click here to view all SunShower Learning courses available from OpenSesame.

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About SunShower Learning

SunShower Learning produces emotionally impactful Diversity, Equity & Inclusion training that not only raise awareness about unconscious bias, microaggressions and stereotypes, but also give you tools that your people can learn and practice. Real skills. The goal? To help you create a more respectful workplace made up of individuals who respect each other individually and collectively. A workplace where people feel like they belong. At SunShower, they focus on DEI and how better communication across differences fuels collaboration and innovation. Diverse companies perform better. Inclusive companies perform even better! You can look at the research! SunShower’s programs have won many awards and received high praise for excellence. Most of all, they routinely get feedback from trainers and managers in the workplace who value the HBO-level quality, the “no cringe” scenarios and the skills that change behaviors, not just attitudes. To learn more, visit