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OpenSesame announces partnership with The Jeff Havens Company to expand business skills, safety and compliance course library

Enterprise organizations can now leverage training with high entertainment value to develop their future leaders  

Portland, OR – 31 January 2020 – OpenSesame, the elearning innovator, announced The Jeff Havens Company has been added to its popular OpenSesame Plus subscription to expand its curated library of business skills, safety, and compliance courses. 

Global 2000 companies leverage the OpenSesame Plus subscription with over 6,000 curated courses—now including The Jeff Havens Company’s highly engaging business training—to help address critical skills gaps, position talent for successful long-term careers, and future-proof their organization.

Over the past 15 years, The Jeff Havens Company has applied its uniquely humorous training approach to a wide range of the modern business world’s most pressing issues including customer service, leadership, and safety. With the belief that nobody ever learns anything if they’re too bored to listen, The Jeff Havens Company aims to improve businesses worldwide—while having fun doing it. 

“As the driving force behind The Jeff Havens Company content, Jeff delivers high-energy, highly engaging, and hilarious content,” said Spencer Thornton,  Senior Vice President of Curation at OpenSesame. “His extraordinary business insight and memorable delivery ensure high learner engagement and training to remember.” 

“OpenSesame is one of the most responsive companies we’ve ever partnered with,” says Jeff Havens, Founder and CEO, The Jeff Havens Company. “OpenSesame provides us with real-time feedback on course adoption to inform how we continue to grow. It’s fantastic to partner with a company that takes an active role in partner success and will be equally dedicated to our customers’ success as lifelong learners.”

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About The Jeff Havens Company

With a mission to provide serious solutions in a seriously funny way, The Jeff Havens Company is unique in the world of corporate training and L&D. Their video-based courses tackle everything from industrial safety to corporate ethics to customer service, and their content will provide your employees with the skills they need to become better employees, salespeople, and leaders. And it will all happen while your people are actually enjoying the process of becoming better. Countless studies have shown that people remember information better and longer if that information is delivered in a humorous way, and so The Jeff Havens Company has made it their mission to incorporate as much entertainment as possible into our training products without interfering with the learning process. To put it another way, you’ll receive all the education of a more traditional training course with all the entertainment value of a comedy show. That’s something most training companies can’t do, and it’s the reason that The Jeff Havens Company content has found favor with thousands of companies across virtually every industry. For additional information, visit, follow us on Twitter @iamjeffhavens or connect with us on LinkedIn.

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