OpenSesame Development Team Feature Update: July

We’ve been working on some great new resources to help support you in running your training program. 

OpenSesame Plus: Report Downloads

From the OpenSesame Plus subscription manage page or course specific manage pages, we have added the ability to download CSV reports of your “Track Users” data. This allows for easy exporting and analysis of your training records within Excel, or the spreadsheet tool of your choice. The report downloads include:

  • At the OpenSesame Plus subscription level, we provide overview data such as the date the user was added, how many courses completions they have, what level of access they are permitted (Course Specific vs. All of OpenSesame Plus).
  • At the course specific level, we provide course level details including their course status, when they were enrolled, when they completed, their score, and a link to their completion certificate. 

To access the report downloads, simply click on the orange “CSV” button in the lower right corner of the manage pages under the “Track Users” section:

New Support / Help Site

Yay! We JUST released a new support site to help you, our buyers and sellers, get at helpful information all in one place! You can quickly and easily: Search our knowledge base by keyword Browse through specific topic areas and FAQ’s Contact us via phone, email, chat, or via social media Check it out here: or by clicking the “Help” link from our site.

Some noteworthy new resources on the support site are the video tutorials available under many of the sections, including About OpenSesame Plus:

And some fun stuff, too! Just check out our social media section:

As always, if you prefer talking directly to a real person… we’re here, happy to help, and are just a phone call away at (503) 808-1268.