OpenSesame Development Team Feature Update: May

Check out the changes that we have made to simplify, streamline, and add functionality for our learners and our admin customers. 
CourseCloud Customers: TWO Ways for Learners to Access Training 
There has been a growing demand for additional CourseCloud functionality as thousands of individuals are accessing training via CourseCloud, with some learners having dozens of courses and years of training that they have been assigned to. We added the ability for CourseCloud learners to create their own accounts on OpenSesame and access their training courses directly from their own learner dashboard:
The invitation emails now include TWO ways for learners to access their courses:
  1. Link to the course: This standard CourseCloud link takes the learner directly to their course for quick access. No registration required.
  2. Create an account: We have added this second option so that the learner can create their own account on OpenSesame. From their account they can keep track of all courses that they have been invited to over time, track their progress, retake past courses, and print completion certificates.

If the learner chooses to create an account, we have significantly simplified the registration process for learners coming from a CourseCloud invitation, so that they can quickly create an account and get right to taking their training from their “My Courses” list.

LMS Customers: More Administrative Features
We have added some additional tools for our customers that are using our course content within their own LMS. LMS customers now have the ability to do the following from within their OpenSesame account:
  • Track which users have used course seats within a particular course or OpenSesame Plus
  • Download completion certificates for completed courses
  • Delete/remove users from a particular course or to revoke access to OpenSesame Plus

We are hoping that this will increase visibility and functionality for our LMS administrators.

Credit Card Storage – Card on File & Security
Upon purchasing courses on our website, you now have the option to store your credit card on your account for recurring subscription purchases (eg: OpenSesame Plus) or to simplify future purchases on the same card.
Concerned about the security of storing credit card information? We do NOT store any of your credit card information directly in our system. We are using an advanced security technique that sends your credit card information directly from the browser to our credit card processor for secure storage. Our payment processor has been audited by a PCI-certified auditor, and has been certified as a PCI Level 1 Service Provider, the most stringent level of certification available. Learn more about PCI compliance here.
How can I add/edit/delete stored credit card information? Each time you check out you can manually enter your credit card information, choose to add a new card, use an existing stored card, or change your default card. In order to make changes to stored credit cards on file, you can access your stored cards at any time by logging into your account, then click on My Account > Stored Cards tab.
We hope that these new features and functionality will help improve your training experience with OpenSesame! As always, please contact your account manager or our support team if you have any questions about any of the products or features above. We’re here to help!