OpenSesame at the Future of Web Apps

OpenSesame at the Future of Web Apps

This week, the OpenSesame management team is in Las Vegas for the Future of Web Apps, an annual event connecting web developers, business visionaries and creative technologists. (Our team will be tweeting the whole experience with the hashtag #fowa – don’t miss it!)

OpenSesame is co-sponsoring this conference alongside fantastic technology companies like Windows Internet Explorer 9, Zappos and Ning because we are eager to think about professional training content in a larger context: How is the web evolving? How do people use applications? What technology innovations will influence elearning developers in the next year? What trends in media, communications and marketing could change the way we do business?

As a tech startup, we depend on these kinds of opportunities to ensure that we are thinking one step ahead of today’s technology. Our goal is to ensure that our team is on top of emerging technologies so that the OpenSesame platform is  ready for innovation. After listening to speakers like Gary Vaynerchuk, Jason Calacanis and Kevin Rose this week, we are confident that we will have new insights and priorities.

We’re particularly excited about hearing from Gary Vaynerchuk (despite the inevitable profanities!) because of his intensive focus on customer service and the Thank You Economy. He always presents unconventional and interesting perspectives on doing business in the fast-paced modern era. Ultimately, OpenSesame aspires to provide the kind of service Gary represents: focused, fast and appreciative.

Finally, the new (and elusive) white OpenSesame hoodie will make its debut appearance in Vegas this week! We’ll share the photos.