OpenSesame Partners With ej4 to Add 700+ Courses to OpenSesame Plus

OpenSesame is announcing an expanded partnership with video-based learning company ej4 to add 700+ mobile-friendly and short format courses to the OpenSesame Plus program.

Launched in 2014, OpenSesame Plus is a first of its kind elearning subscription program that offers access to thousands of online courses from award winning providers for a low monthly fee. Over the past year the program has grown rapidly and is attracting industry leaders like ej4.

“Since the day it was launched, OpenSesame Plus has become one of our most popular products. Including the rich content produced by our partners at ej4 adds tremendous value for our current Plus customers. ej4’s short format, mobile friendly content is where the industry is heading, and is what our customers are asking for. OpenSesame Plus was already a great product, now it’s even better.”- states Don Spear, CEO of OpenSesame.

OpenSesame Plus users automatically receive access to the ej4 courses as part of their subscription without having to pay an extra fee. The new courses expand the breadth of topics covered in OpenSesame Plus catalog and bring the total OpenSesame Plus catalog offering to over 4,000 courses.

Ryan Eudy, CEO of ej4 commented “Our partnership started with OpenSesame in 2012 and has grown tremendously. ej4’s focus on the 4”J’s” (Just as needed, Just enough, Just in time, and Just right), matches perfectly with OpenSesame’s delivery model, and is ideal for the OpenSesame Plus product. Now OpenSesame Plus customers needing actionable learning in an easy-to-digest format can do so on the same platform they are already using.”

This expanded partnership is another sign that businesses across the board, from fresh Silicon Valley-style startups to longstanding Fortune 1000’s companies, are placing more emphasis on their staff training and development. Tackling talent shortages through improved online teaching and training strategies is a significant priority.

Millennials and the younger workforce consider on-the-job training a serious necessity and companies are discovering en masse what a lucrative investment it is. In fact, current research shows elearning methods like those provided by OpenSesame can dramatically increase competitiveness, improve retention, and elevate productivity levels.

From customer service and sales to compliance and international business travel skills, the wide variety of courses within the OpenSesame Plus program helps organizations face evolving training needs from year to year and readily fill their internal skill-gaps.

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About ej4

ej4 is a video-based eLearning company founded in 2004 that focuses on short format and mobile-friendly courses with the goal being improved business performance. From a small startup to supporting clients that includes the likes of Pepsi, TigerDirect, Pfizer and the Goodwill, ej4 continues to grow, averaging over 500 new video courses created annually.