OpenSesame Presents at Venture Capital in Education Summit

OpenSesame Presents at Venture Capital in Education Summit

This afternoon, OpenSesame will present our business model and technology platform at the Venture Capital in Education Summit in New York in the beautiful IAC HQ building. We’re thrilled to be part of this innovative group of entrepreneurs, educators and investors looking for better ways to invest in the future of education.

VCES is a gathering of technologists, innovators and educators who are creating solutions for universal challenges like providing diverse educational services to children worldwide and ensuring adults have access to continuing education opportunities.

Along with nine other startups, OpenSesame will present our approach to solving learning challenges: Creating an ecommerce marketplace aggregating top quality professional training and learning resources in one place. Our goal is to unlock elearning – to make it possible for every learner and every organization to conveniently access learning resources in one place. We believe that making it possible to compare elearning courses in one place will drive innovation in the elearning sector and generate more engaging and effective elearning courses.

VCES is exciting not just because it’s a gathering of thought leaders like Anya Kamanetz (writer & researcher, @anya1anya), Jose Ferreira (founder of Knewton, @knewton_jose) and Fred Wilson (venture capitalist, innovator, @fredwilson) but because it demonstrates the critical mass of smart people investing real money in finding solutions for education challenges. The presence of folks like Erick Schonfeld from TechCrunch, Anthony Ha from VentureBeat and David Ewalt of Forbes Magazine demonstrates that the technology community at large sees opportunities for new, disruptive technologies emerging in the education sector. We’re proud to be here.

We hope to be just one of the pathbreaking startups bringing killer technology solutions for education challenges, and we believe VCES is is full of a whole generation of Salman Khans: Creative problem solvers who are unafraid to change the way we share information and connect learners.