OpenSesame's 12/12 License

If you’re an elearning buyer, you’re used to frustration, inflexibility and negotiation. You’re used to seeing licenses you’ve paid for go to waste because circumstances changed or schedules got in the way – and you’re not used to vendors who say “yes”.

It’s OpenSesame’s goal to make elearning work for you, with flexible purchasing and licensing options to fit your organization’s changing needs. For many training managers, it’s difficult to control when learners start and finish training courses, and inflexible expiration dates make it impossible to adjust training schedules.

The OpenSesame 12/12 License is a simple solution. When a buyer purchases a course on OpenSesame, learners have up to 12 months to start a course. Once a learner starts the course, they have up to 12 months to finish it. For example, if you purchase two seats of a course on July 10, 2012 for your employees Marco and Jane, they must start their courses within 12 months – on or before July 9, 2013. If Marco starts his training on August 1, he can access the course until July 31, 2013. However, if Jane doesn’t start the course until December 30, 2012, she can still access the course for 12 months – until December 29, 2013.

How can the 12/12 license make elearning more convenient for your organization? The 12/12 license creates flexibility for organizations whose learners may not all need to use courses at the same time. Connect learners to training resources as needed – rather than based on a formal calendar. Use remaining budget for the current fiscal year while using the licenses on their own schedule. In other words, buyers can buy courses in one budget cycle and deliver the courses during future cycles. We hate elearning waste as much as you do.

The OpenSesame 12/12 license makes it simple to purchase courses and use them on your schedule. Questions? Get in touch.