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Never, Ever Stop Learning; The Key to Personal Improvement

For most Americans, the thought of learning evokes memories of never-ending lessons, arduous exams, and the occasional blissful nap in the back of a classroom. While we’re in school, we pine for our first taste of freedom in the mystifying “real world.” Once we receive our elusive diploma, we sprint away from learning and vow… Read more »

How to Measure the Impact of Corporate Learning

Management has started an initiative to increase training in your company, and you have been designated the task to develop a strong program. Now, what? In addition to creating a training program, you must also measure the impact. Impact evaluation is essential to determine return on investment. In order to truly measure the impact of… Read more »

What I Learned from Creating my eLearning Course

The elearning market is huge and is expanding each year. According to Business Wire, by 2020 the corporate elearning market is expected to be valued over $31 billion. What does this mean for elearning content providers? If it isn’t already obvious, content providers will see a surge in demand for their original elearning courses. It… Read more »

7 Ways to Make Online Training Fun with Puzzle Games

A puzzle game is an irresistible activity. Inserting that final piece in the puzzle or triumphantly solving that riddle, gives anyone a rush and a sense of gleeful accomplishment.  The good news is that employers can use puzzle games to improve employee skills and productivity. Puzzles and mental challenges sharpen your mental faculties. They require… Read more »

Inspiring Game Changers with E-Learning

For 15 years as a sports agent, I worked with some of the top athletes and coaches in the world. Besides their immense talent and hard work, what they all shared in common was a genuine desire to get better, and a real curiosity about how to do that. They were constantly studying the game… Read more »

Catering to Cultures: Training Within a MNC

Corporate globalization is here to stay as we see more corporations becoming multinational. Whether it is outsourcing, talent acquisition, or market penetration, it is likely that a company will do business internationally. As the business world becomes smaller, our cultural awareness must increase to be successful in international business relations. Especially as international talent acquisition… Read more »

Enhancing the eLearning Experience

eLearning is all around us, from the classroom to the workplace and there are tons of providers too. But what can you do to make sure learners not only enjoy your content but also take something away? Here are three tips to enhancing the elearning experience:   1. “After this lesson you should be able… Read more »

NextGen Schools: Measuring Success of Blended and Personalized, Innovative Practices

People often misunderstand the next-generation teaching practices as technology-rich instructions. Blended learning, as well as personalized and innovative teaching methods, goes far beyond online lectures and high-tech devices. The point of this approach is to provide an individualized experience for each learner, based on their base of knowledge, skills, strengths, weaknesses, and interests. Due to… Read more »

Virtual Reality Might Just Be a “Reality” After All

Virtual Reality. A computer-generated environment that lets you experience a different reality. It’s a brilliant and exciting concept, but unfortunately it has been more of a cliché than a reality over the last several years. VR is a technology that has shown promise and has seen validation from a variety of sources, yet has not… Read more »