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Business communication training

How to Best Approach Business Communication Training

In the world of business communication training, one thing is certain: communication skills should not be limited to just writing, presentation, or public speaking, and other forms of conventional communications. These are just the most commonly known aspects of communication training that the average person on the street may think of immediately after hearing the… Read more »

information security training

Rethinking Information Security Awareness Training

  If you work with sensitive information, you know that such records in the wrong hands could prove disastrous for the company. The security of customer financial records, trade secrets, payroll data and other sensitive information is paramount. That is why information security awareness is important for everyone who works with such data. Even if… Read more »

Microsoft One Note Training: What Is One Note and What Can It Do?

Turning your Customer Service Reps into Superstars

Recently I was tasked with re-engineering our customer service effort. We had suffered several public relations black eyes from customer service fiascos. The suspicion had been that the norm for customer service had veered too much in the direction of quantity and not enough quality. Customer service reps (CSRs) had long been challenged by ever-increasing… Read more »

Business communication training

Business Communication Training & Teamwork Training – 5 Basic Tips

  Before you acquire a business communication training or teamwork training program, consider the following points. 1. Coordinate with other training efforts Any team depends upon effective communication in order to meet its goals. That’s why teamwork training and business communications training go hand-in-hand. Be certain to find courses for each which complement each other.… Read more »

Email Etiquette: 5 Deadly Email Mistakes You Could Make at Work

Email Etiquette: 5 Deadly Email Mistakes You Could Make at Work

Unsurprisingly, email is the form of communication that most professionals choose. It’s fast and relatively unobtrusive. However, failing to follow the recommended email etiquette rules may get you into trouble. If you are too quick to hit the “send” button and don’t put a lot of thought into each email, you could be sending the… Read more »

Getting Started as a Content Provider in OpenSesame

Getting Started as a Content Provider in OpenSesame

You’re an elearning author. You’re ready to leverage your expertise by selling your elearning courses in the OpenSesame marketplace. You want to know where to begin. We’re here to advise you. 1. What, this old thing? Yes, that old thing. Did you create a basic sales skills course five years ago? Aren’t sales skills still… Read more »