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effective communication training

Effective Communication Training- The Three Most Important Words

  1. Attention—When you’re attempting to communicate, you need to ensure you have the other party’s attention. You know those jokes speakers start off with? That’s to get your attention. 2. Intention—A speaker has to project themselves into the audience. Even a gesture can do this if done properly. No wimpy stuff, here. 3. Compassion—You… Read more »

effective communication training

5 Kinds of Customer Service Training

  Whether you are running a retail store, a financial institution, or a service agency, it is important for your company to provide excellent customer service. It can make or break your business. Investing in customer service training is the first step towards satisfying your customers’ requirements. Before you hire a training company though, it… Read more »

corporate training where you least expect it

Imagine Corporate Training on Rocket Thrusters

Corporate training need not be boring. In fact, it can be an exciting adventure. All it takes is the right attitude and the right opportunity. Attitude The most valuable attitude to have is one which expects to find value in everything encountered. Imagine, for instance, a boringly simple traffic signal. Green, yellow, red, green, yellow,… Read more »

New Trends in Sales Training

New Trends in Sales Training

One of the most commonly asked questions sales trainers get is, “What are the hottest trends in sales training?” It’s a good question, especially in this fast-paced world where salespeople are racing to be credible, efficient and knowledgeable. Sales training is a great way to improve your skills and stay ahead of the curve. Rather… Read more »

compliance training is essential

Compliance Training: A Vital Part of the Modern Workplace

More than ever, a company must protect itself against litigation. With the economy becoming more volatile and competition ever-fiercer, no company can afford to let profits shrink because of mistakes in judgment or actions taken out of compliance with existing law. This speaks to the most obvious benefit of compliance training—protecting the financial health of… Read more »

A Closer Look at Communication Training

A Closer Look at Communication Training

We all know that being effective at communicating with other people is a skill that not too many people have. However, did you know that being able to communicate effectively isn’t something you’re born with, but rather something that you can develop and hone on a day-to-day basis? Having effective communication skills greatly enhances your… Read more »

Online courses

The Benefits of Online Training Courses for your Learning

Regardless of whether you’re in charge of a small business or organization looking to increase your employees’ skills and knowledge, or an average, everyday employee looking to undergo training in order to increase your chances of landing a better job, signing up for online training courses is a great way for you to gain knowledge… Read more »

8 Tips to Keep Your Business Fire Safe

Nearly four thousand people have died each year from fires. Most of these were residential fires, but the danger still remains for fires in the workplace. Besides the death toll, fires also destroy property and sometimes critical business infrastructure—data, equipment, furnishings and more. These tips will help ensure your workplace remains fire safe. 1. Don’t… Read more »