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Sexual harassment

Sexual Harassment Training is Vital in Business

Sexual harassment is a form of bullying. This is why most, if not all, major companies include this subject as an integral part of their corporate training. Do you know what appropriate and inappropriate behavior is? You may be surprised and even shocked to learn how many people do not. One study found that 22%… Read more »

communication training

The Basic Types of Communication Training

Does your work entail interacting with people all the time? Do you do a lot of writing, such as memos, press releases, and statements on behalf of your organization? Are you frequently in front of crowds to deliver speeches or talks? If so, online communication training might be what you need to make your experience a… Read more »

communication training

5 Ways You Can Benefit from Customer Service Courses

  People today demand world-class customer service. They want the companies they deal with to provide outstanding support, relevant advice, and useful information related to the products and services that are offered. If they receive a mediocre or half-hearted response from the customer service team, they will look elsewhere. It is important for businesses to… Read more »

sales training

How I Went from Sales Newbie to Sales Guru in 6 Months

If you’re not a people person, becoming a master of sales could prove to be impossible. You have to love people and be able to relate to them. Sales training, of course, is crucial, but developing a thick skin for rejection remains of paramount importance. Why? Because you need to remain highly motivated. Let me… Read more »

Everything That Can Be Granular, Will Be

Everything That Can Be Granular, Will Be

Our previous post Everything That Can Be Digital, Will Be examines the migration of corporate training from traditional instructor-led training to elearning in the context of the digitization of other forms of media, like news, television and music. The conclusion from the data is obvious: Content that can be digital, whether news stories or songs, will… Read more »

The Importance of Teamwork Training

One of the greatest industrialists the world has seen, Henry Ford, once said something about teamwork: Coming together is a beginning. Keeping together is progress. Working together is success. Despite the different times we live in today, the basic principles behind teamwork still remain true. Whether your team is composed of two people, a department or… Read more »

humor at work

Humor on the Way to the Bottom Line

  In business, success isn’t just everything; it’s the only thing. Achieving that success can prove deadly serious and that causes stress. So to relieve some of that stress, take a short breather to recharge your humor cells and your funny bone. Don’t be surprised if you learn something in the process. Laziness People can… Read more »

Tools for Freelance Instructional Designers

Tools for Freelance Instructional Designers

Note from editor: This post updated with new tools 6/3/11. A recent LinkedIn eLearning Guild Group member asked “What are the top tools for freelance elearning design and development?” and 100 comments later, there was quite a list. The result was a nice mix of both specific software for getting the work done and advice and… Read more »

What Kind of eLearning Courses Are Companies Looking For?

What Kind of eLearning Courses Are Companies Looking For?

Just before Thanksgiving, the American Society for Training & Development released the 2010 State of the Industry Report, a fantastic resource chock full of information on the corporate learning and professional development marketplace. Did you know, for example, that U.S. companies spent more than $125 billion on learning and development activities in 2009? That’s billion with a… Read more »

Teamwork in action on the rugby field

6 Tips to Boost the Power of Teamwork in Business

A small twig is easy enough to break, but put a dozen of the same sticks together and they become very difficult to break. A hundred of them become impossible to crack. That’s one powerful image of teamwork. There are many things in life that can divide a team—that can make it weaker. These tips… Read more »