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online security training

Exploring Your Options in Online Security Training

If you’re looking to forge a career in the world of security, you might want to explore your options in online security training. There are a number of online schools and training institutions that offer the tools and skills to individuals looking to advance their knowledge base and capabilities in order to gain a better… Read more »

computer security training courses

Computer Security Training Courses – Why They Matter

  It isn’t just for geeks. Why? Because the success of the company is the responsibility of every employee. Every employee needs to know what can jeopardize the company’s computer infrastructure. The reason is simple. One wrong action could crash the system or leak confidential information. These could become disastrous for the business. And when… Read more »

The LMS I Know Is Not Dying (Nor Is It Even Ill)

The LMS I Know Is Not Dying (Nor Is It Even Ill)

Over the past 12 months there have been lots of posts written by eLearning thought leaders declaring the LMS to be dead in favor of more social and collaborative learning options. While I understand and applaud the reasoning – nurturing informal learning – there are still too many core uses for the LMS which are… Read more »

The LMS I Know Is Not Dying (Nor Is It Even Ill)

Everything That Can Be Digital, Will Be

“Everything that can be digital, will be.” Attributed to Benny Landa, founder of Indigo, the world’s first commercially successful digital offset printing press, in 1993.   In the past 15 years, the digitization of media has made content more flexible, affordable and accessible. Content streams from news to music are rapidly transitioning to digital delivery. This transition is… Read more »

Elearning software for training and development

eLearning Software for the 21st Century

Imagine for a moment that you’ve jumped ahead eighty years. What would the state of education reveal? No one holds a crystal ball that can tell us this. Eighty years ago, television was still a rare novelty and low capacity electronic computers the size of large rooms were ten years from becoming a reality. Few,… Read more »

Tools to Adapt Your Courses to SCORM Standards

Tools to Adapt Your Courses to SCORM Standards

OpenSesame relies on the widely-recognized SCORM and AICC standards to ensure that we can connect any author’s courses to any learner’s LMS.  Standards are like chalk on a chalkboard: they are the tools that enable us to keep our promise to unlock elearning for authors and consumers through a simple, open marketplace. We have heard from… Read more »

Go Beyond Basic e-Learning Software to Create Engaging Content

Creating Engaging E-Learning Software

Creating effective elearning courses is kind of like building a collage: a bit of video here, a couple of graphics there, a simulation here and eventually everything comes together to create an engaging and informative experience. If you are an e-learning developer, you know that different media and design techniques are appropriate for different learning… Read more »

David Glow on OpenSesame beta testing: fast, straightforward administration

David Glow on OpenSesame beta testing: fast, straightforward administration

I was extremely impressed when I recently performed beta testing for OpenSesame. The value proposition of this service is simple:     •    Elearning developers can upload and sell standards-compliant elearning     •    Companies can purchase content, which will operate on any Learning Management System (LMS)   Win-Win.  Developers get an opportunity to widely market and… Read more »