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Shop OpenSesame to Find the Content You Need

Shop OpenSesame to Find the Content You Need

You are a Chief Learning Officer or a Training & Development Director, and you are creating a training program for a complex community of employees. You need everything from courses on customer service skills to advanced database management. You are tired of commissioning and updating the same courses year after year, listening to sales pitches… Read more »

stress in the workplace

7 Vital Reasons to Include Stress Training at Work

A certain amount of tension helps us grow. A physical, emotional or intellectual challenge can push us to excel. But how much challenge is too much? When does a challenge become deadly stress? Each of us has our limits. Unavoidably, stress happens. What’s the best way to deal with it? And how does one reduce… Read more »

How to Save Money with Teamwork Training

  Teamwork is perhaps the greatest invention of humanity. With teamwork, humans have unraveled the secrets of the atom, sent men to the Moon, and created an information network which spans the globe. Imagine what could happen if your employees caught the teamwork bug and created something which changed the world. Save Money on the… Read more »

7 Important Tips about Stress You Should Know

1. Stress can adversely affect health. Prolonged levels of high stress change the body’s chemistry and cause permanent damage. Stress can directly cause or greatly magnify a host of bodily problems including all kinds of pain, digestive difficulties, autoimmune ailments, sleep abnormalities, skin problems (such as eczema), depression and even thoughts of suicide, and obesity.… Read more »

Why OpenSesame?

Why OpenSesame?

We open doors. When content creators encounter obstacles like standards compliance and learning management system compatibility, we look at that closed door and think, “Open, sesame.” When elearning consumers despair at the thought of meeting with company after company to find just the right course, we think “Open, sesame”. We are OpenSesame, and we are… Read more »

Pick Up a Language the E-learning Way

Looking to learn a new language but can’t find the time to leave your home, get in the car and drive to class? Perhaps the e-learning route is what you need. More people today are turning to the Internet with the goal of learning a new language. While it’s certainly true that learning a new… Read more »

fire safety training

Fire Safety Training and Fire Safety Courses

  Fire safety is a vital part of any company’s survival arsenal. Everyone at work needs to learn proper fire safety so they’ll know what to do and what not to do in a fire. And that’s where fire safety courses and training can help: During a fire if ALL employees are not trained properly,… Read more »

New ways to deliver online training

Online Training Courses: The Not-so-New Frontier in Education

For many years, the internet has acted as a resource for tutorials and educational materials for a wide variety of subjects. Experts have hung out their shingles, giving away advice in the hopes of attracting consulting clients or additional kinds of projects. Other websites have sprouted up enticing experts to make extra money online by… Read more »

8 Tips about Fire Safety That Could Save Your Life

  Nothing can be more devastating than a fire which could have been prevented. Fires can destroy not only property, but years of work, irreplaceable possessions and, all too frequently, human lives. These pointers should be kept in mind to help prevent the wreckage a fire can cause. 1. Never replace a fuse with one… Read more »

online training courses

Everything You Need to Know about Online Training Courses

Online courses, also known as e-learning courses, are a great way for people to enhance their training and development in a specific set of skills. As the name suggests, online training courses take place on the web, and as such, no longer require participants to travel out of their homes to participate in training. In… Read more »