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Tech Week: 6 Courses to Get You Started with Javascript

Javascript (not to be confused with Java) is known as the language of the browser. In a business world increasingly characterized by the internet and web applications, you can’t afford to be left out of the loop when it comes to technical issues within your company. Programming languages are no longer the domain of programmers… Read more »

Tech Week: Avoid Data Breaches With Secure Code Training

You would never build your office without doors and locks to protect your company’s property, right? Most companies don’t provide formal training to their software development teams. More than 1,000 software vulnerabilities exist today that allow attackers to exploit applications. Developers cannot be expected to know how to thwart these risks. As a result, developers… Read more »

Love is in the air! How to Manage Office Romances

It’s Valentine’s Day! Which means romance is everywhere—even in the workplace. According to the Society for Human Resource Management, 43% of HR professionals have reported office romances. Additionally, 40% of workers polled by said they have dated a co-worker. Office relationships are a necessary part of any thriving business. When they turn romantic, however,… Read more »

Learn a New Skill in 2014

Learn a New Skill in 2014 Wrap-Up

Can you believe our Learn a New Skill series is already coming to an end? Seems like just yesterday we were gearing up to teach you all the new skills you need for 2014! We hope you’ve learned some valuable information along the way, and we are proud to present the finished collection available for… Read more »

Writing in a Notebook

Learn a New Skill: Tips for More Effective Writing

Learning to write, let alone effectively, is a huge challenge for many professionals. I know I struggled during my first few weeks of working for OpenSesame; I was used to writing for an academic audience, so writing for the web was quite an adjustment. For those without any writing experience at all, the challenge is… Read more »

mobile phone

Learn a New Skill: How to Build Mobile Applications

At the close of 2013, the number of mobile phones surpassed the population of the entire world. Additionally, more than 50% of global web users now use mobile devices as their primary means of going online. If there was any doubt that mobile is is the future of technology, this past year’s growth has wiped… Read more »

Learning Resolutions for 2014 Wrap-Up

The short window of calm between the holidays and the chaos of returning to work provides a great opportunity to reflect on the accomplishments and lesson of the previous year. Better than most, learning professionals understand how to apply those lessons moving forward into the new year. These lessons and insights are tools we wanted… Read more »


Course of the Week Highlight: Dress Code Etiquette, OSHA, and More!

Need info about appropriate office attire, OSHA, or customer service? Our course of the week deals have you covered! This week, you’ll find great savings in the business skills, compliance & safety, and industry specific (construction, medical, restaurants, etc) categories. Don’t miss out on these awesome deals, available now through February 4th!     Business… Read more »


Learn a New Skill: Public Speaking Like the Pros

This is the season of award shows—the Grammys, Oscars, Tonys. Some celebrities manage to make their award acceptance speeches sound both spontaneous and smooth, while others clearly struggle with unscripted public speaking. While you may not be up for an Oscar, you may be nominated for an award at some point in your career and… Read more »

SEO Drawing

Learn a New Skill: 10 Small-Business SEO Tips

If you’re a small business owner, I’m willing to bet that a good amount of your business comes from short-term marketing promotions along with word of mouth referrals because hey… you are very good at what you do. Word of mouth marketing is an extremely effective strategy, but it comes with one very big limitation.… Read more »

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Learning Resolutions: 5 Steps to Better Time Management

I often debate with myself if making resolutions are or should be part of my plan or is it more about tradition to randomly come up with a few things that I’m going to change or do differently. If it were part of my plan, I would have started ‘planning’ three months ago in order… Read more »