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American Management Association Certified Professional in Management™ prep course now available from OpenSesame

OpenSesame, the elearning innovator, announces the addition of American Management Association’s Certified Professional in Management™ prep course to its on-demand library. Managers can now qualify to earn the AMA Certified Professional in Management™ credential – the new standard for management excellence – after completing 16 online courses from OpenSesame’s online training catalog..   The  curated list… Read more »

Making Supply Meet Demand in a More Diverse World

A 2020 report by global management consulting company McKinsey and Company noted an important trend:  diverse companies outperform their non-diverse counterparts on profitability. It’s research OpenSesame has known all along. When companies embrace and foster diversity, they are open to new ideas, ways of thinking, and change. The result is innovation, progress, and improved performance. … Read more »

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Empowering Your Employees to Be Their Full Selves: How you can support your diverse workforce by creating ERGs – By Melinda Conant

As part of our celebration of PRIDE month, OpenSesame is bringing you voices from our LGBTQIA+ colleagues to champion diversity and share resources that support the greater LGBTQIA+ community. As a Queer professional, I’ve most often led a double life. My weekdays were spent as a straight (seeming) person fitting into the hetero norms of… Read more »

OpenSesame welcomes internationally recognized diversity and inclusion publisher Symmetra to its elearning course catalogue

Leading organisations can now access Symmetra’s gamified inclusion and diversity elearning content through the OpenSesame Plus subscription Portland, OR – 1 June 2021 – OpenSesame, the elearning innovator, announced the addition of Symmetra to its popular OpenSesame Plus subscription to expand its library of diversity, equity and inclusion (DEI) elearning courses.  Founded in Australia in… Read more »

Employee Spotlight : Elias Jackson

Elias Jackson Associate Software Engineer Portland, Oregon He/Him/His Elias Jackson has been with OpenSesame for about a year, but he came up the ranks for two and a half years as an intern; working remotely while still in college. In that time, Elias has seen a major OpenSesame project go from inception to implementation. “Thanks… Read more »

Employee Spotlight: Lexx Fluder

Lexx Fluder Manager of Product Support Portland, Oregon Growth and change through solid data is a theme of Lexx Fluder’s career at OpenSesame. Lexx joined the company four and a half years ago when OpenSesame was in a single building with a two-person customer support team. Today, she’s the company’s international product support team manager… Read more »

Connect with your best self to better connect with others

By Ellen Galvin Think about the best relationship builders you know. What do they have in common?  Whether introverted or extroverted (they can be both), good relationship builders are likely to share common traits such as: – Optimism – Gratitude – Focus – Curiosity – Persistence There is also an excellent chance that they take… Read more »

Strong Leadership Skills Make All the Difference

By Janice Molloy, senior manager, online learning, at Harvard Business Publishing Act decisively, think strategically, communicate effectively—these and other capabilities have always been fundamental to leadership. But the disruption caused by the pandemic made clear that these skills aren’t enough. Consider New Zealand Prime Minister Jacinda Ardern, who deftly guided her country’s efforts to confront… Read more »

OpenSesame Employee Spotlight: Liza Wisner

Liza Wisner Senior Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion Curation Specialist Corpus Christi, Texas While Liza Wisner joined OpenSesame in the middle of a global pandemic, she hit the ground running as a trusted advisor to customers and colleagues. Because her role is new, she prioritizes constant growth and learning — Liza is paving a new path… Read more »

The Benefits of “Both/And” Leadership When Leading a Business

By Crystal Schaffer, senior moderator and instructional designer at Harvard Business Publishing Corporate Learning, and Andrea Lipton, interim director, Global Solutions at Harvard Business Publishing Corporate Learning. Effective leaders make all the difference in an organization’s business outcomes. When people feel heard and trusted, and that they can trust their leaders, they are more motivated… Read more »

Mental Health and Well-being is a #1 Priority

We are living in times of considerable uncertainty with mental health and well-being issues becoming a growing concern in the workplace. McKinsey surveyed 1000 employers and found that 90% reported the COVID-19 pandemic crisis was affecting the behavioural health – and often the productivity – of their workforce. A poll by the Pew Research Center… Read more »

The Importance of Leading Others with Trust

By Abbey Lewis, senior product manager at Harvard Business Publishing Corporate Learning If there’s ever been a question about the value of effective leadership, the past year put all doubt to rest. We’ve seen leaders across industries and sectors rise to the dual challenges of Covid-19 and the economic crisis in impressive fashion. In the… Read more »

OpenSesame Employee Spotlight: Dave McFarland

Dave McFarland Senior Manager of Content Portland, Oregon He/His For Dave McFarland, arriving at Senior Manager of Content for OpenSesame in early 2020 was the culmination of a teaching, design, and video production career. Dave has a discerning eye for the highest quality educational content and diverse voices. Today, he uses his experience to assemble… Read more »

OpenSesame Employee Spotlight: Kolene Hammer

Kolene Hammer Senior Manager of Sales Portland, Oregon She/Her/Hers Over her five years at OpenSesame, Kolene Hammer’s personal life and professional paths have all been rearranged. As a current Senior Manager of Sales, Kolene leads by example with both her strong business results and her consistent managerial courage. Kolene encourages her entire team to be… Read more »

OpenSesame Employee Spotlight: Marta Altree

Marta Altree Senior Director of Customer Success Portland, OR she/her/hers   Marta Altree, Senior Director of Customer Success, perfectly applies her tech-ed experience and outgoing personality in her role at OpenSesame. Along with her customer success team, Marta blends her passion for innovation and technology with her client relationship instincts. (Still, as she says, she… Read more »


OpenSesame galvanizes business relationship building through expanded partnership with The Galvanizing Group

Enterprise companies can now access essential business skills training from The Galvanizing Group as part of the OpenSesame Plus subscription catalog Portland, OR – 11 March 2021 – OpenSesame, the elearning innovator, announced the addition of The Galvanizing Group to its popular OpenSesame Plus subscription. The partnership expands OpenSesame’s curated library of courses designed to… Read more »

DEI Book Clubs with eLearning Insights

Creating intentional space and time to discuss topics related to DEI in the workplace can be difficult. In addition to e-learning courses offered at OpenSesame, an impactful way to start or continue conversations around diversity, equity, and inclusion (DEI) is through a book club!  An employee-run book club can be a great way for coworkers… Read more »