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2014 hobbies getting boring? Why not try something new? Take up knitting, commit to yoga, or learn a new language; including fun activities and hobbies in your resolutions is a great way to start the new year on a positive an productive note. We have many courses to help you find inspiration and get going on your new challenge. 
This week we’re featuring courses on WordPress, mLearning, and Spanish! 
You may think WordPress is only good for blogging (something it definitely is great for!), but don’t miss out on the multitude of other features the program offers. This 3.5-hour course teaches the skills you need to quickly get started and comfortable in the WordPress environment. You’ll even learn widgets, themes, and plugins.
Instructional designers and other learning professionals will benefit from this course exploring the relatively new, and sometimes confusing, world of mlearning. Covering benefits, possibilities, and challenges, this 40-minute course highlights both how the transition to mobile impacts the industry and how to build a mobile module.
Ready to add a second language to your skill set? Why not start with Spanish? This award-winning, 36-hour course sets you on the road to fluency through a clear layout and English interface. Learn to read, write, and speak in Spanish through weekly assignments and quizzes—5% off this week only (discount will show at checkout).