Sales Performance International to Bring Premier Sales Training to OpenSesame Marketplace

The OpenSesame team is excited to announce our new partnership with Sales Performance International, a leading global provider of world-class sales training courses. This partnership will provide customers with SPI training courses directly from the OpenSesame marketplace.

Sales Performance International is globally recognized as a leading sales performance improvement and sales training firm committed to helping companies create measurable, sustainable revenue growth. More than 1,000,000 sales and management professionals in more than 50 countries and 14 languages have achieved higher levels of performance with SPI.

“We are excited to offer Sales Performance International’s premier Solution Selling © methodology and training content in the OpenSesame marketplace,” said Spencer Thornton, Business Development Manager at OpenSesame. “SPI is a leader in teaching companies to effectively engage with customers and their innovative content is a great addition to our catalogue.”

With this partnership, OpenSesame customers will be able to take advantage of 23 of SPI’s high-quality sales training courses to improve solution-focused communications, align to customer’s buying process, generate more leads, and grow top-line revenue in today’s evolving, international marketplace. In addition, this partnership broadens SPI’s offerings and brings a more diverse audience to their products via the OpenSesame marketplace.

“We are very excited to have our award winning Solution Selling® Learning Library more readily available to users via the OpenSesame learning platform”, said Andrea Cing-Mars, Director of Marketing at SPI. SPI was included in the 2013 Top 20 Sales Training Companies Lists with both Selling Power and Training Industry for SPI’s global reach, sales training innovation, breadth of service, and impact on the sales training industry. 

The addition of SPI courses will connect OpenSesame customers with world-class sales training to help them reduce sale cycle length, bring in higher quality leads and build a career path in the progression. To learn more about the SPI partnership, please check out our press release or get in touch.