Share your feedback with OpenSesame

In September, OpenSesame held its inaugural User Conference in Portland, Oregon. In addition to attending sessions by OpenSesame and current OpenSesame customers, conference attendees participated in two roundtable discussions led by our product development team to provide feedback and identify key challenges and solutions with the OpenSesame team.

Below are the three core themes we heard at the User Conference which we plan to focus on this coming year:

Course curation

OpenSesame will recommend courses to you to help you create learning plans and keep them updated and relevant. Beyond the courses itself, we will provide tools to easily organize, deliver, and monitor your learning plans over time.

Administrator insights

You will be able to use more detailed analytics to determine how well your learning plans are performing and how to optimize them. New reports and data visualizations within your administrator dashboard will help you monitor your account and individual learners. You will be able to easily stay up to date on usage, course/list updates, spend limits, and expirations with improved notifications.

Better supporting learning administrators

To best support administrators, you will have a new and improved dashboard so you can better manage your licenses and account as well as track learner activity. You will receive more informative updates on the updating and removal of courses from the OpenSesame catalog and find it easier to purchase the courses you need.

It’s not too late to provide us your feedback!

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