Shop OpenSesame to Find the Content You Need

Shop OpenSesame to Find the Content You Need

You are a Chief Learning Officer or a Training & Development Director, and you are creating a training program for a complex community of employees. You need everything from courses on customer service skills to advanced database management. You are tired of commissioning and updating the same courses year after year, listening to sales pitches and reviewing complicated contracts, only to hear the same reviews from your employees. OpenSesame is here to help.This is how you can save time, money and frustration.

Order from the a la carte menu. Build your curriculum by selecting courses from a variety of sellers. You are free to experiment with new content providers without signing a contract or making big upfront investments.

Search specifically. Browse the OpenSesame library by subject, length, difficulty of course, features, cost or popularity. Describe what you need precisely, and find precise results. That’s a lot easier than calling ten different companies, right?

Take it for a test drive. Most course authors enable you to preview the entire course before making a commitment, so take the course! As a coworker to take the course. Be sure it’s what you are looking for.

Use the community. We are creating a transparent network, where you will read your peers’ course reviews and authors and learners can communicate directly. You are invited to take part in the conversation.

Shop like a prairie dog. Our marketplace allows you to shop without the sales harassment. Poke your head out, preview a variety of courses, ask questions anonymously and retreat to your burrow without fear of hundreds of salespeople filling up your voicemail.

Shout it from the rooftops. If you need a course you don’t see in our library, share your needs with the community of OpenSesame content providers. Post it in the comments here, share it on Twitter (#contentwanted) or on our Facebook page. Or communicate directly with a provider whose work appeals to you.

Float a test balloon. If you are trying to decide between two courses that might work for you, start by making a small introductory purchase. Buy 5 seats of each course and ask your employees to provide feedback on their effectiveness.

Make an informed decision about your long term training plan. Shopping in our marketplace is like dating with no strings attached. Quickly find the content you need and make only the commitment you are comfortable with. We make it easy.