Spotlight your company’s principles this March

March is National Ethics Awareness Month which makes it a great time to craft a thoughtful strategy for strengthening the ethical culture of your organization and assess whether your efforts are working. Having a strong and well communicated business ethical culture benefits the people within your organization and also helps attract new talent. According to a Bentley University study, 86% of millennials consider it a main priority to work for a business that conducts itself ethically and responsibly. In fact, many millennials would be willing to take a considerable pay cut to work for such a business.

To learn more, check out the course Business Ethics & Code of Conduct by OpenSesame course publisher Enspark.  This course dives deep and shows how ethics plays a role in defining expectations, and establishing workplace guidelines. Creating, communicating and enforcing an effective code of conduct for your organization is vital and this course teaches the 4 key elements that will be crucial to your code of conduct’s success.

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