Successful Businesses Have Values

Valuing your business by the bottom line is certainly important, but what about valuing your business by its values?

Workplace values tend to go unnoticed until a major corporate scandal rocks the business world. When Enron’s accounting fraud was brought to light, commentators highlighted the major disconnect between the company’s stated values (communication, respect, integrity and excellence) and what actually happened behind closed doors.

There’s no better time for your organization to have a serious conversation about what being a value-centered company looks in action. If you’re considering sitting your employees down for a conversation about values and ethics, these courses from top OpenSesame sellers are a good place to begin a conversation.

Identifying Your Values

This FranklinCovey course helps you define a set of core values, and offers suggestions for how to live those values. Give your employees time to consider what’s important to them. They can then work with their peers to understand how their individual values define their work in the company, and how their collective values define the company itself.

Price: $7.99
Length: 10 minutes

Vision, Mission, and Values

Is your mission statement effective? Do your employees understand it, know how it impacts their job, and know how to apply it? Most importantly, does the statement change your employee’s actions? This course from ej4 teaches you the important first steps into improving your organization through vision, mission, and values statements. 

Price: $4.99
Length: 19 minutes

Promoting Ethical Values and Behavior

Once everyone has identified their values, it’s important that value-based behavior is promoted. This AKLearning course helps identify the way individual values and company culture affect one another, and the ways in which companies can ensure individuals and corporate values don’t fall into discord.

Price: $19.00
Length: 13 minutes

What Great Leaders Are Made Of

Once your employees have a clear idea of the company’s values and their personal values, you want to inspire them to live those values every day. This FranklinCovey course helps motivate your employees when they find themselves deviating from their values.

Price: $7.99
Length: 13 minutes