The Successful Orientation Program: Training is Key

On creating a business orientation series for temporary employees, new employees and seasoned professionals alike, I have always felt that true education and transformation occurs when the whole of a subject is presented rather than just a part. Widening one’s perspective while acquiring vast knowledge is crucial to understanding a subject, one’s self and others. Now, let’s apply this to business. For an organization to be successful, sustainable, and pleasant both for the employee and the customer, it is imperative that standardization is in place, enforced, and exampled from the top down. An impressive resume does not necessarily guarantee a constructive attitude, common sense, or team player. To understand and see clearly the myriad of components that comprise a successful business, one must shine a light on the entire operation—and how each part adds to the whole.

Imagine a workplace productive, sustainable, enjoyable, and safe. Imagine coworkers creating, cooperating, compassionate and energized. It takes training of every single employee and manager in the organization. Transformation in the workplace begins with transformation within each person. An effective training film must expose the viewer to the whole, widen the view, and show how everyone impacts the work environment. Themes of positive self-image, compassion, responsibility, attitude and positivity should flow through every frame. Most important, avoid blame; emphasize responsibilities and expectations. The results of an effective training program are enormous when everyone is supported, educated, and on the same page.

The benefits of a good training film for employers / employees:

  1. Co-workers with a problem will learn they are not alone and can change.
  2. Co-workers without a problem will learn how to be aware and supportive for the co-worker with a problem.
  3. Education, self-evaluation, and desire-to-serve are the foundation of an insightful, cooperative, and attractive coworker.

There are many challenges in a work environment, and all employees should review the answers to each challenge in monthly training programs. Topics such as rules and procedures, that might seem dull and uninteresting, can be presented in a new light of creativity and applicability. Right and wrong can be distinguished in a well-rounded, humane way. Relationships between employers, employees, customers, clients, and vendors can be clarified and well defined. Coworkers can see the need for consistency and dependability within the hierarchy.

Ask a lot from your business solution filmmakers as their job is to inform, inspire, and motivate. Your competitors will wonder why you are so successful.

Alan J. Chriest founded PowerSplash Project in 2007 with a mission to create a library of awareness projects for employees, managers, trainers, and students. The prolific company has produced in the past seven years over thirty business and educational films for sale, streaming, or licensing (distributed internationally). In addition, Mr. Chriest is a voiceover artist and proud member of SAG/AFTRA.