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Survive the Holidays with eLearning Solutions to Common Problems

We’ve officially entered the holiday season, and while that may mean fun times with family and friends, great food, and many shopping trips, it can also spell disaster without the right precautions. Do you really know what you’re doing with string lights, or do you slap them up around the house and yard haphazardly? Is your car ready to go over the river and through the woods (and possibly snow and ice!) to grandmother’s house for Christmas dinner? With these training courses, you’ll be ready to safely take on any challenge the holidays throw at you!
Situation: You drag the rickety old ladder out for its annual use of draping trees, bushes, and gutters in holiday lights and arranging giant blow-up Santa and his entourage on the roof.
Solution: Ladder Safety
Situation: A mess of cords is all you have left after hanging lights. Now, what plugs in where? Always beware unsafe extension cords!
Situation: Attending your company’s holiday party has you worried about whether proper standards of decorum will be observed.
Situation: Snow day! You navigate and clear the sidewalk to your elderly neighbors’ house to check in and deliver cookies.
Situation: You’re attending a holiday cookie exchange, but what can you bring when it seems like everyone these days is something free? You decide to avoid major allergens entirely and make cookies made solely out of chickpeas.
Solution: Food Allergies & Intolerance
Situation: You’re chosen to host the neighborhood holiday party! Congrats, you’re now responsible for 30 tipsy adults.
Situation: You light candles to make your house smell like the gingerbread you never got around to baking, but one enthusiastic wag too many against the coffee table by your hyped up pup could send your carpet up in flames.
Situation: The charity to which you annually donate is hosting a formal holiday brunch. Which fork is used for salad again?
Situation: Holiday dinner with the family requires you to drive hours through blizzard conditions; you’ll never hear the end of it from your great aunt if you miss this big family event! Watch out for black ice! 
Solution: Winter Driving
Situation: Surprise! Your kids are bickering again. Only 5 more hours till you can escape “are we there yet?” 
Situation: Every day you ask yourself why you moved so far north… Florida is sounding good right about now! 
Solution: Winter Safety
We want to hear your best tips for surving the holiday season—share your suggestions and stories in the comments! 

Image: State Farm via flickr