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At OpenSesame, our goal is to build the world’s marketplace for elearning courses: a broad, fresh catalog of content covering diverse topics with a variety of interactive approaches. As we expand our marketplace, we’re thrilled to announce that we are partnering with Syntrio to add their rich catalog of elearning courses to OpenSesame.

Syntrio is a pioneer in the elearning sector, developing hundreds of training courses in business skills, workplace safety and compliance topics, from promoting diversity and preventing discrimination to handling hazardous materials and building sales skills. This diverse catalog features one common thread: high quality, engaging content that communicates content effectively without bogging down in details. With many opportunities for learners to interact with the learning environment and course materials, Syntrio courses keep learners engaged, focused and thinking.

Syntrio is one of the top-selling elearning vendors in the United States for a reason: their customers love their work and rely on them to meet learning needs and accomplish training goals. Many Syntrio courses are available in both English and Spanish, enabling customers to meet training goals with international employees. With clients including the Smithsonian Institution, HSBC, Wells Fargo Insurance and Ford Motor Company, Syntrio has a long history of successfully providing essential training to clients with complex needs. We’re thrilled to offer one more excellent content seller in the OpenSesame elearning markeplace.

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For highlights of the Syntrio catalog, check out these best-selling courses:

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