Textbook to Tablet: The Shift in Education [Infographic]

It is expected that by 2017 all school-aged children will have undergone a major educational shift: going from textbook to tablet in the classroom. This switch is just one way Generation Z is becoming more technologically savvy than ever. Gen Z, those born after 1995, have never known life without the Internet. Changing to a more technological education influences how Gen Z communicates socially and face-to-face, how they perceive authority, and it transforms their overall work ethic.

With the introduction of so much technology in the classroom, how will their entrance into the workforce be different from previous generations? More importantly, how can your business be prepared for Gen Z to become the core of the workforce? Our infographic will give you key information on how switching from textbook to tablet is affecting Generation Z and provides action plans to get your business prepared for a vastly different shift in the workforce.