The Future of Work Depends on Specialized eLearning

By using more personalized learning, organizations can better adapt to change, increase productivity, and enable knowledge sharing. 

As we live and breathe, the future of work is quickly taking a new shape. Globalization, remote teams, climate change, and resource scarcity are changing how people communicate, learn, and do their jobs. Delivering personalized learning, directly and efficiently to those who need it, is essential.

Tailored eLearning content is critical 

By simply glancing at our phones, we can see personalization at work in our streaming media, shopping, music, and entertainment lists. Behind the scenes, our preferences and behaviors assist brands in serving us better—and we expect more from these technologies every day.  

As media-savvy consumer behaviors shift, so should workforce training programs.  Companies offering personalized training and tech-forward eLearning provide learners with a higher purpose and boost critical business growth.

Easing the burden on learning & development teams

The new integration between Oracle Learning and OpenSesame meets companies and individuals where they are, with a turnkey learning and development (L&D) strategy focused on learning content and streamlined delivery. 

Traditionally, the process of manually researching, purchasing, deploying, and generating reports on corporate training courses took valuable time and resources from L&D administrators. Courses were delivered but often led to an unfocused performance, with learners feeling disconnected and discouraged by the educational materials.

No more manually uploading or downloading content 

Oracle’s new integration with OpenSesame offers L&D teams a time-saving tool for workforce training. This integration quickly finds and deploys the highest quality corporate training—freeing up costly resources. Plus, Oracle customers can access OpenSesame’s powerful content library faster and easier than before. 

Once your OpenSesame integration is active, you can select courses to add from Oracle Learning Cloud. Please visit and log in to the administrator account that contains your course licenses. 

If you’ve created a list or had any created for you, courses can be quickly accessed from this menu option. First, open your OpenSesame account menu and select Lists:

Open a list by clicking on its title. Next, select specific courses by clicking their checkboxes on the left. You may select all courses in a list, specific groups, or individual courses. Please note that only courses with an active license can be sent out.

As soon as at least one course is selected, a Send to Integration button will appear: 

Click this button when you’re ready to proceed. On the next screen that appears, click the Oracle Learning Cloud checkbox and then the Send Now button to add your selections to the set of courses that will be available from Oracle Learning Cloud:

You will then see a confirmation message:

The key to this integration’s success is an administrator-friendly approach. Downloads and uploads happen automatically, with courses instantly updated and retired. This process allows any business to connect its employees with the correct training, simplifying how course content gets distributed, and keeping track of employee progress. 

Oracle Learning Cloud will check and automatically update OpenSesame on a frequency you select (or once a day) to see if there have been any changes or additions to your selected courses. To review which courses you have selected or to remove them, visit the Courses dashboard via your OpenSesame account menu.

Next, locate the courses within Oracle Learning Cloud. 

“We’ve done away with downloading and uploading and sped up the implementation for the admin and end-users,” said Don Spear, CEO, and Co-Founder of OpenSesame. “It’s a seamless process that takes you from curating your collection straight to your learners in a shorter amount of time.”

Whatever someone’s learning objectives or goals, this eLearning integration delivers the exact course content they require, allowing learners to complete it on their schedule.

A History of Shared Customer Care and Growth

OpenSesame is continually expanding its massive course library with over 25,000 eLearning courses available in 18 languages, many of which are mobile-ready—with something to fit any learning style. Customers can choose from training content in various formats to fit how a workforce prefers to learn—short, microlearning, long, quizzes, certifications, simulation-based scenarios, worksheets, and more.

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