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The Top 10 Free eLearning Courses on OpenSesame

Interested in testing the elearning waters? Want to try the unique OpenSesame buying process without actually having to buy anything? Have a couple of minutes to pick up a new skill?

If your answer to any or all of these questions is, “Yes!” you’ll be pleased to know that OpenSesame has a number of FREE courses for you to use as you wish. Listed below are 10 of the top free courses available through the OpenSesame marketplace.

We hope you’ll take a second to poke around, try out the OpenSesame purchasing process, and learn something.

Course Title & Comments Author Objectives Length
Content Marketing

Zeke Camusio creates content relevant for anyone who wants to take the plunge into Web 2.0 marketing, but aren’t quite sure how to do it. Why not learn first how to market yourself online? Camusio shows you how in this value-packed course.

Zeke Camusio Using content to increase your influence and assert yourself as an expert in your industry 36 minutes
Developing a Profitable Online studio Business with Doug Miller

Doug Miller has been providing his valuable input to international and domestic big name projects for 25 years. In this course, he explores the successful revenue strategy of Vuguru, LLC, Michael Eisner’s scripted content online studio.

The Business of Entertainment LLC Understanding cutting edge digital content production and distribution models through the example of Michael Eisner’s Vuguru 45 minutes
Beginning Twitter for Professionals

OpenSesame’s own community manager Kelly Meeker leads learners through the basics of the world’s most popular microblogging platform.

Kelly Meeker Navigating the Twitter interface to create your own profile and publish your first tweet 7 minutes
Patents 101 – A Basic Introduction to Patent Concepts

This course empowers learners with the knowledge to protect their invention. With an understanding of both patentability criteria and patent coverage, learners will understand how and what to patent.

coofluence research
Gaining a basic understanding of patent law 15 minutes
Liar Truthteller Khan Academy

Need a brain break from the workday doldrums? This short from Khan Academy stimulates learners’ problem solving skills with a classic brain teaser. (Note: Khan Academy offers the entirety of their course catalogue for free, so be sure to check out their catalogue for more entertaining, educational content.)

Khan Academy Discovering the answer to a classic brain teaser involving two doors, two individuals, and one all-important question 7 minutes
Shedding Light on Leadership

This course is like a shot of leadership espresso. It’s concise, yet powerful.

Prendismo Realizing the importance of leadership to entrepreneurial endeavors 2 minutes
Create an Impress.js Presentation in 10 Minutes

Impress.js uses CSS3 and HTML5 to create presentations that will leave your audience speechless. Whether you’re presenting a TEDx talk or a school report, Impress.js is a good way to amplify your message.

Sarah Eadie Create your first Impress.js presentation 10 minutes
Microsoft Word 2010 Level 2 Lesson 3

This course is well suited for learners who know the basics of how to use Microsoft Word 2010, but want a deeper understanding of some of the program’s more advanced features. This lesson specifically teaches learners how to manipulate the look of their word document with styles and themes.

Sonic Performance Support Knowing how to customize document formatting using styles and themes 10 minutes
Thank You, Sorry, Bye in Chinese

My Chinese Learning teaches learners Mandarin Chinese quickly and easily. Through first watching a dialogue that uses key phrases and then repeating after the encouraging instructor. This course is perfect for any learner interested in a ‘crash course’ in Mandarin Chinese.

My Chinese Learning Learning how to apologize, express appreciation, and give a  warm send-off in Chinese 20 minutes
Microsoft Excel 2012 Level 3 Lesson 7

After taking this course, learners will be able to publish their Excel projects to the web. Excel masterminds with a desire to share their creations may find this free course to be just what they wanted.

Sonic Performance Support Using Excel with the Web, and publishing worksheets to the web 10 minutes

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