Top 5 Essential Social Media Marketing Podcasts

The scope of social media in our world today can be a bit difficult to rationalize at times. With 1.11 billion monthly users on Facebook, 550 million Twitter users, 40 million Instagram photos uploaded daily, and 100 hours of video uploaded to Youtube every minute, it seems like almost everyone is reaching out to grasp a share of all the excitement. Working in social media marketing can be daunting at times; so much is constantly changing and with a scope so broad where do you even begin to plan your next campaign?

Staying up-to-date on the latest industry information and trends is imperative to executing a successful marketing campaign in the social media platform. But social media marketing often means juggling many varied tasks, and if you want to keep up on the latest industry information and trends you may find it’s hard to fit research in with work. Podcasts are a great way to get all the current market trends and information you need to know without pulling you away from your work; it’s as easy as just listening in.

Earlier this summer we shared 5 podcasts to keep your business in the loop. Now we’ve taken it further to focus on five rich and dynamic social media marketing podcasts to give your community management team a competitive edge.

Social Media Examiner: Weekly, 30 minutes
This weekly podcast by marketing guru Michael Stelzner is designed to help you navigate all the challenges involved in social media marketing. Stelzner includes techniques, interviews, what works and doesn’t work, and everything else you need to know in the social media field.

You can stream and download the podcast from the site or subscribe via iTunes.

Social Media Today: Bi-Weekly, 30-60 minutes
With comprehensive coverage of a wide range of social media marketing issues, “Social Media Today” is a great resource to look for current trends and tips. New podcasts are posted every week and include interviews, webinars, and hot social media topics.

You can stream and download this podcast from the site

Connected Social Media: Tri-weekly, 30 minutes
This podcast includes company case studies and real world applications to give you valuable insights and information from industry experts working on real, tangible projects. You’ll learn what big name companies are doing right now to focus their social media efforts and how it applies to you.

Subscribe via iTunes.

Social Pros Podcast: Weekly, 30 minutes
Social Pros hosts Jay Baer and Jeffrey Rohrs showcase both notable social media professionals, as well as useful market information in this podcast. Each podcast contains an interview with a leading social media strategist, a breakdown of a social media stat of the week, and a session where the weekly guest shares some of their insights and experiences from the field.

You can stream and download the podcast from the Convince & Convert site or subscribe via iTunes.

The Speakeasy Marketing Roundtable: Weekly, 8-30 minutes
This weekly podcast takes a unique and fresh take on marketing discussions. The “roundtable” is comprised of six social media and marketing specialists who come together every Friday to provide practical and informative insights and tips on the latest social media and marketing topics. They work hard to keep the content fun and engaging to hopefully draw you back week after week.

You can stream or download on the podcast on the site or you can subscribe via iTunes.

What podcasts do you listen to and recommend? With so many resources on the internet there are bound to be good finds everywhere you look. Sound off in the comments and let us know!

Image Credit: Timothy Takemoto via Flickr