Top Courses May

What’s New and Trending in OpenSesame’s Course Catalog in the Month of May

OpenSesame ensures that you are provided with the most up to date catalog of courses and publishers to choose from for your organization’s learning needs. In just the month of May, 175 new courses were added to our OpenSesame Plus subscription. This includes courses from top publishers such as AMA (American Management Association), Cegos, iAM Learning, Intellezy, and TED

There are a few highlights to look out for in our 175+ additions from the month of May.

OpenSesame Plus gained a new publisher, Symmetra, contributing 21 courses to our catalog. They specialize in DEI training, inclusive leadership and building diverse teams. Their courses deliver a unique gamified approach, consisting of short 10-15 minute modules that keep your learners engaged.

Management Pocketbooks has added 360-Degree Feedback courses to their library. This series focuses on helping leaders provide constructive feedback for employee development through the 360-degree feedback process.

Real Projects released a new series titled Becoming a Manager which prepares incoming managers with preliminary training to ease into their new role. This series consists of short modules lasting no longer than 8 minutes that create empowering learning experiences through interactive exercises, animations, and quizzes.

In addition, UL EHS Sustainability, which offers 1300+ courses in workplace safety, manufacturing and construction, health and safety management and in up to 19 languages, has localized 20 of their courses in Turkish.

The 4 latest trending courses in our catalog include:

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