Global Workforce Training Tips

Training a global workforce

In a recent OpenSesame webinar, Mehdi Tounsi, Senior Regional Director for OpenSesame, Europe, shared his top tips for deploying a global training program

Common Challenges

According to Deloitte, only 1 in 9 companies rate their learning culture as excellent, which means that there is plenty of room for growth. 

When training a global workforce, challenges range from: 

    • workers being decentralized
    • located in different timezones
    • speaking different languages
Solving Common Challenges of Global Workforces
    • Transitioning to communicating and training in local languages or providing alternatives: Even if your business has an official language, language comprehension levels may vary among your employees. So while they may have conversational skills in one language, following a complex training might be difficult so it is crucial that courses are offered in local languages. 
    • Soft launch your new learning program with champions in each area: A soft launch allows for your program to build momentum. Tounsi highlighted one case study where an organization had a very competitive company culture, so slowly giving everyone access to the new learning program worked in their favor because it increased interest. Working with local champions also ensures that the program has advocates at multiple levels of business and in multiple locations which further contributes to a collaborative learning atmosphere. 
    • Pair learning initiatives with incentives: Using tools like leaderboards, publicising who has completed the most trainings, and other incentives are a great way to boost participation. In one case study, Tounsi shared that learners completed on average 2.4 courses over what was mandatory when an incentive program was being used. 
    • Involve leadership but also ask your learners what they need and want: Only 24% of learning leaders listen to their learners according to the Towards Maturity Annual Report, which can lead to an “us vs. them” mentality rather than a collaborative environment that fosters a culture of learning. 

You can watch the full webinar “Deploying a Global Workforce” here. 

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