a world of options for training

Training and Development: A World of Options

First, let’s define our terms. Training and development includes different but interconnected activities that organizations sponsor in order to improve the productivity, skills and abilities of their teams. The organization or business benefits from increased effectiveness and each employee benefits from an expanded skill set.

Let’s look a little more closely at some of the main components of professional learning. Onboarding, or new hire training, concentrates on the position that a person is presently undertaking. Onboarding will focus on specific compliance training, equipment, skills, techniques and knowledge necessary for initial success in a job. New hire training will usually include cross training to enable employees to understand their peers’ roles as well.

Professional education concentrates on the positions that someone could possibly have in the future. This might include courses in management, leadership or government regulations. Sales training may provide an opportunity to prepare for a more lucrative position. This activity might prepare an individual for advancement or for participating in the creation of a new department.

Leadership development concentrates on the needs and activities that a business may take on in the future. This is the realm of uncharted waters! Developing new leaders encourages skilled employees to prepare for increased responsibilities, and can take place through informal mentoring, formal training and elearning.

Today’s employee development can include a variety of forms of training, including university coursework, conferences and online training courses. Perhaps the most exciting expansion is that coming out of elearning software. Some of the advantages include:

  • Reduced need for training personnel

  • Reduced need for specialized equipment or specialized training facilities

  • Elimination of travel expenses (as in off-site training and university courses)

  • Reduced time away from work

  • Greater integration of learning in the primary workflow

An employee can take advantage of elearning software on their own computer through online training courses.

No more can workers depend on having one job for their entire careers. Change has always been with us, but today even more so. The employment landscape has become far more volatile and training, more than ever before, has become an essential ingredient for individual and corporate survival.

Image Credit: blmiers2 on Flickr