What is Technology, Why Does it Matter?

One fateful day, at the start of a new job, the CEO of the company was talking to the new hires about the essence of the company, how he started and why he started the company, among other things. Suddenly he asked a simple question that silenced everyone in the room: “Does anyone know the definition of technology?”

His answer: Technology is anything that has not been perfected yet, technology is a new method of doing something that is not at its optimal function.

Initially, I assumed this wasn’t true: technology had always had a backdrop of machines and buttons and lights and metal and screens in my mind. But then it became apparent that, at some point in time, the printing press was a piece of new technology. Cars, planes and other forms of transport were technology when they were originally prototyped and tested for efficacy, constantly undergoing changes until they were ultimately perfected, if ever. Technologies are the tools that drive cultural and societal change.

So why does this matter to the everyday businessman?

Because these things have the highest amount of profit to be obtained, especially when successful.

Always invest in new technology, always be aware of the future of production, and never stop pursuing new innovations.