What’s Your Enneagram?

The enneagram is a system which models human personality by identifying different core motivations. Each number describes a motivation and a behavior with which someone acts. In order to avoid negative or positive connotations, each personality and style is labeled by a number one through nine. The nine labels, listed below, speak to a variety of styles and behaviors.

1: The Perfectionist

The ones will often have the highest standards and expectations. The standards they live by and subsequently expect from others are theirs and not universal. Ones tend to also have high integrity and principles.

2: The Helper

Twos look for the appreciation received from helping others. They usually shy away from the limelight but always are looking to assist others. Two are often very empathetic and sensitive, which causes them to be less confrontational than others.

3: The Performer

A three is one who works to get things done. They are often motivated by the acknowledgement of achievement. While they are very efficient, they lack patience and the ability to let others learn on their own.

4: The Individual

Fours are the most unique and individualistic. They strive to stand out in a crowd, as they want to be seen. Fours can often be described as wearing their emotions on their sleeves because their emotions swing violently.

5: The Thinker

Fives feel most secure by their acquisition of knowledge. While their building of knowledge is a great asset, it can often lead to continuous questions. They are often quiet, however when they do speak they command lots of respect because others know fives will have meaningful comments and thoughts.

6: The Questioner

Sixes are always questioning what might go wrong or what could go wrong. Oftentimes they assume the position of the devil’s advocate. Sixes can be described most concisely as “loyal skeptics.”

7: The Adventurer

Sevens are most known for living life to the fullest. They are teaming with ideas, but lack the wherewithal to follow through on those ideas. A seven is most challenged by logistics and technicalities, they simply have the vision.

8: The Boss

Eights walk into a room and immediately look to the person with the most power. Similarly, they want to have complete control of a situation as well. They often embrace confrontation, showing anger visibly when it occurs. Eights will usually gravitate towards positions of authority.

9: The Mediator

Nines are usually highly empathetic and are great listeners who bring lots of understanding. However, their empathy can often take over and cloud their true opinions, goals, and agendas. Many nines have a social cause dear to them and can be described as “peace makers.”

These nine styles of leadership and personality are not indications of what one does, but rather how one does something. The Enneagram is a great indication of self motivation, and highly recommended if you are considering learning a bit more about your own motivations.