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Why Your Company Should Use Lean Six Sigma Principles

How does Lean Six Sigma training benefit individuals and companies?

The field of Operations Excellence is in high demand by employers. When looking for jobs in the industry, a key skill to help your resume stand out is Lean Six Sigma training and certification. Lean Six Sigma is a set of strategies, techniques, and tools for process improvement and reducing manufacturing defects. Certification proves to employers that you have learned and can apply the tools and techniques of Lean and Six Sigma. Both you and your organization will benefit from higher productivity, efficiency, and quality in all aspects of business operations.

Where is Lean Six Sigma Applicable?

If your organization has external/internal customers or suppliers, opportunities exist to apply Lean Six Sigma. Companies implement Lean Six Sigma through the following 5 processes:

  • The improvement team defines the issues that were getting in the way of satisfying customer requirements.
  • Measurements are used to establish a baseline of the current state of performance.
  • Analysis is conducted on the measurement information to isolate the root causes of the issues.
  • Creative solutions are then developed to improve performance beyond the current state.
  • To assure the issues resolved remained resolved, controls are implemented.

The preceding example illustrated the Lean Six Sigma process of Define, Measure, Analyze, Improve, and Control.

The following are examples of how Lean Six Sigma can help in numerous industries:

Sales and Marketing

  • Order cycle time reduction
  • Promotional marketing effectiveness
  • Sales support efficiency


  • Discharge cycle time and cost reduction
  • Medication dispensing efficiency
  • Reduction in non-reimbursed claims
  • Bio-Hazardous waste reduction
  • Blood Bank cycle time reduction

Supply Chain Management

  • Supply chain cycle time and inventory reduction
  • Tactical corrective action process effectiveness
  • Enhanced supplier communications
  • Specification and revision control management


  • School bussing system optimization
  • Athletic field water management
  • Curriculum effectiveness

Hotel and Hospitality

  • Purchasing and logistics for cruise ship consumables
  • Hotel supplies inventory management
  • Restaurant supplies inventory management

Defense Systems and Military

  • Light vehicle armor kit quality, delivery, and cost improvement
  • Gun and guided missile system cost reduction
  • Capture and disseminate field lessons learned cycle time reduction
  • Training material update and global distribution cycle time reduction


  • Inventory management and control
  • Assembly operations cycle time, cost, and inventory reduction
  • Furniture Finishing Quality and Consistency
  • Production yield improvement and cost reduction

Lean Six Sigma is applicable for any organization’s operating processes, delivery of services, or production. Ready to enhance your efficiency? Continuing education via online learning provides the flexibility for integration into your busy schedule. Through November 20th, Educate Virtually’s Lean Six Sigma Bundle (which prepares you for your green belt six sigma certification) is 50% off. Get lean six sigma certified today!

Charlie Carpenter’s experience comprises 24 years in the Consumer, Financial, Industrial, and Pharmaceutical sectors. He trains, coaches, and leads projects that reduce cost, cycle time, and variation in business operations improving productivity and quality of products and service to customers. To transfer his knowledge, he created which provides online training and coaching in proven business operations improvement methodologies. Connect with Charlie on LinkedIn