Why Your Workplace Should Promote Health

With hectic schedules and differing priorities, it can be difficult for employees to find the time to focus on their health. A study by the Society for Human Resource Management looked into some of the health risk factors affecting American employees. Among other factors, they found that 49% are physically inactive, 43% have high stress, and 76% do not eat enough fruits and vegetables.

Poor health not only spells trouble for the employee, but it can also negatively impact the workplace as a whole. Here are 3 leading reasons why your workplace should consider supporting wellness:

  • Less absenteeism: Poor health and personal illnesses are the leading causes for missing work. By helping workers maintain their own wellness, your workplace can benefit from increased attendance at work.

  • Better productivity: Healthy workers are productive and motivated to get work done. Overall workplace productivity can increase from helping your employees remain happy and healthy, as they are better able to manage stress and changes at work.

  • Improved retention: 82% of employees at businesses that provided health and wellness programs said the programs would encourage them to work with the company longer. Showing your employees that you care about their well-being encourages them to remain at your company.

So just how can you help your employees remain happy and healthy? Consider a few of these options :

  • Implement a wellness program: While these can take on a variety of forms, their overall goal is the same: to promote wellness and support healthy behavior at work. These programs can include fitness challenges and programs, gym memberships and health screenings, and may even include incentives for reaching goals.

  • Choose healthier options: Whether catering a work event or planning a team-building exercise, choose options that promote well-being. Serve healthier foods and plan activities that can include everyone in being more active.

  • Simple workplace changes:  Small changes to the working environment can really help employees maintain wellness. Offer different seating options, such as balance balls or standing desks, to prevent the discomfort and stiffness that can result from traditional chairs. Provide a fridge with room for everyone to pack a healthy lunch for work. More flexible hours can allow employees to find time to exercise.

Employee wellness benefits not only the individual, but the business as well. Take some to review your company’s health-related policies and benefits and see if you can help improve your own workplace. Share your tips in the comments!