Your Guide to Creating OpenSesame Bundles

As a Content Specialist, one question that often comes my way is, “how can I, as a seller, market my material better on the OpenSesame marketplace?”

There are several different tactics you can employ in this endeavor. The special sauce (so to speak) of creating an effectively branded and marketed seller profile results, as do most delicious sauces, from a blend of several different factors and techniques. Unique course images, seller bios, and designated featured courses are important components of an effectively branded seller profile. That said, one of the quickest and easiest of these techniques to accomplish is course bundling.

Bundles, as the name would suggest, are packages of several courses that are offered together as to provide single, comprehensive training solution. You can think of bundles as “playlists” of two or more courses. Please keep in mind that the courses that make up a bundle must be available as standalone courses on OpenSesame as well.

Much like the playlists of songs that you might create in your iTunes library, courses bundles are grouped along a general topic. By packaging courses together in this way, you can provide a training option that covers an overarching concept or theme.

For example, say you have three courses covering different aspects of Microsoft Excel 2010, such as formatting, building pivot tables, and using formulas. Along with offering each course as a standalone option, you could create a bundle of all three and title it something like, “Excel 2010 Bundle.” You could then offer it as a training alternative for students interested in a more holistic training approach to Excel.

Along with boosting your course count—which alone is a strong indicator of sales success—bundling courses can help you capture larger sales. Because there is often a price discount associated with a bundle, this creates an additional incentive for buyers to purchase a larger volume of courseware. Individuals or companies who are looking for training in a wider range of topics will be attracted to bundles for their price break and ease of purchase.

Whatever your reason for bundling your courseware, the actual process of creating bundles is fairly simple. You can refer to this informational video to get an in-depth look at the bundling process, or contact us directly at for help.

Happy Bundling!