DEI Toolkit

OpenSesame DEI Toolkit

A hub of resources and ideas to help you develop more diverse, equitable, and inclusive workplaces 

Understanding organizational DEI progress

While every organization is unique, diversity, equity, and inclusion (DEI) programs can generally be categorized into four levels.

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Level 1: Arising

Your organization is beginning to have awareness of DEI. At this level, organizations should prioritize determining if there are barriers impeding the employment, opportunity or inclusion of individuals from different demographic groups.

Level 2: Reactive

Your organization plays defense, making changes only when made necessary by outside forces. To move beyond this compliance mindset, demonstrate how your DEI strategy can be a competitive advantage. 

Level 3: Proactive

Leadership and employees alike are engaged and seek to take advantage of the change happening around them to make a real impact. To elevate your program, think about systematic strategies you can use to improve DEI.

Level 4: Optimizing

Your organization is actively involved in designing a desired future and then investing in strategies to create that future DEI state. You likely already have a comprehensive DEI plan supporting internal and external goals and are committed to continuous improvement.

Authentic and practical DEI conversations

Check out our on-demand series of conversations with DEI thought leaders and practitioners for inspiration to help you develop a more welcoming workforce.
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Making a diversity statement

When done well, a diversity statement can be a powerful tool to outline and communicate your organization’s commitment to advancing the diversity of your people, practices, and products. 


DEI definitions and terminology

Avoid misunderstandings and miscommunications by starting with a shared vocabulary of words that are often used in connection with diversity, equity, and inclusion conversations.


2022 workforce diversity calendar

Get tips on moving beyond one-off training to ensure the sustainability of well-rounded teams from a panel of HR, learning, and DEI experts. 


DEI programs that make an impact

OpenSesame’s Sr. People Experience Manager, Alexandra Hernandez, shares details about the recruiting and development programs OpenSesame uses to build a more diverse and inclusive workforce.


Making the business case for DEI training

OpenSesame CEO Don Spear outlines why “checking the DEI box” is not enough for companies to achieve real change.


DEI monthly training calendar

DEI training isn’t just a box to be checked; it should include ongoing education to ensure your company’s inclusivity and productivity. Use this calendar to plan an annual DEI training curriculum.


Beyond the letters: The real impact of DEI

Get tips on moving beyond one-off training to ensure the sustainability of well-rounded teams from a panel of HR, learning, and DEI experts. 


Six months of DEI training for leaders

Equip anyone with direct reports with the skills and knowledge they need to address biases and prejudices within your workplace.

Connect with an OpenSesame expert to learn more about DEI training