OpenSesame Helps Build FHI’s Informed and Engaged Workforce


OpenSesame Helps Build FHI’s Informed and Engaged Workforce

FHI knows that companies want to better compete in their market. In order to do that, they need an efficient and reliable supply chain. The company believes a quality workforce should be the strongest link in any supply
chain. FHI understands the struggles of moving product from shipper to shelf, which is why for over 30 years many of the nation’s most respected companies trust it to provide a productive, safe and managed workforce for short term contingency needs, long term partnerships or dispatching drivers to cover loads. To strengthen their workforce, FHI relies on OpenSesame.

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“With OpenSesame, we are able to get training out into the field — throughout the nation — quickly.”

Chad Eudy, VP of Associate Development, FHI




Supply Chain Logistics


Getting high-quality training
into the hands of a large,
distributed workforce.


OpenSesame’s enormous
elearning library is easily
deployed to a nationwide
workforce for anywhere,
anytime learning.


  • 85% safety improvement among top learners
  • 46% improved retention rates among top learners
  • eLearning curricula available to associates nationwide without travel
  • Collaborative relationship with OpenSesame fuels training goals

Our product is our people

“Our product is our people,” says Chad Eudy, Vice President of Associate Development at FHI. “We understand the importance of serving our people so that they can serve our customers and partners. Our customers trust our teams to work directly in their warehouses and distribution centers. It requires a passion for helping, along with skills and energy. The goal of our corporate training program is to inspire that passion and energy while building the necessary skills.” 

Eudy understands this goal better than most. He’s spent 26 years with FHI and has focused exclusively on learning and development since 2009. “FHI has entrusted me with the responsibility of leading training and leadership development for the organization,” he explains. “I selected OpenSesame because it makes training easy and accessible for our workforce. The online learning platform allows us to scale back most in-person training and put curriculum in the hands of learners wherever they are and whenever they choose to learn.”

FHI designs its training programs to focus on the whole person. “We encourage and promote both professional and personal growth and development,” explains Eudy. “It’s not all about what they can do for us – we want to be a part of developing better people that can improve their homes, communities, and the world. It’s an ambitious aspiration, but we know it works.”

Training is an investment — not a cost

FHI has always maintained a strong learning focus. “Our leadership understands that training is not a cost, it’s an investment,” says Eudy. “With OpenSesame we’re able to demonstrate the return on that investment. We continually reach out to department heads to ask them what their training needs are, and then provide the content each needs to grow their team.” 

Eudy says that OpenSesame has enabled FHI to improve its overall learning environment in measurable ways. A recent analysis of the company’s top 50 learners found an 85% improvement in safety measurements and a 46% improvement in employee retention. “Access to OpenSesame content is helping us increase employee engagement, foster curiosity and passion for learning, and even grow new corporate leaders,” he adds.

Empowering anywhere, anytime learning

During the pandemic, FHI’s workers remained on the front lines, deemed essential. OpenSesame allowed FHI to deliver training to these individuals, including continually updated courses in personal health and safety and mental wellbeing.

Previously, most of FHI’s training consisted of in-person classes, which required costly travel and logistics time to coordinate and deliver. “With OpenSesame, we are able to get training out into the field — throughout the nation — quickly,” says Eudy. “It helps our associates feel empowered. They are able to log on and learn — on their phone, laptop, or tablet — anywhere they have internet access.”

Keeping learners motivated

The company’s commitment to training led it to establish monthly training initiatives that align with various company goals. “We work very hard to get learners excited about learning something new,” explains Eudy. “So, we’ll pick an important topic, choose three or four courses from OpenSesame’s library on that topic, and create monthly contests with prizes for completing the courses. We even identify ‘Learners of the Month’ to acknowledge and reward associates’ interest in learning something new.”

FHI’s training initiatives begin at the top — managers help identify topics and review courses appropriate to their departments. To promote the featured courses, Eudy’s team sends out a weekly communication email containing a snapshot of featured courses and other topics of interest. “A company can’t serve their customers without investing in their associates,” Eudy says. “We are making that investment and want to be certain our associates are among the beneficiaries.”

Collaborative partnership

Eudy describes his relationship with OpenSesame as collaborative. “We meet monthly to discuss new initiatives. We offer feedback and they provide input on courses to help us better connect with our learners. I’ve worked with providers in the past where I felt I was on my own. With OpenSesame, I feel it’s a true partnership. It’s clear that their corporate culture is similar to ours. They understand that empowering associates professionally and personally creates a better, more responsive workforce and their solution helps us do that.”

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