WCA Waste Corporation, Man standing in front of WCA truck, Opensesame

Case Study

WCA Waste Corporation improves training ROI and reduces employee turnover with OpenSesame

At WCA Waste Corporation, L&D is tasked with improving performance, mitigating risk, and reducing cost. With locations across 11 states, a diverse and multilingual workforce, and a limited budget, they struggled with providing the needed training to address critical needs. To reduce a 48% turnover rate with drivers at a cost of $16,000 per driver leaving within the first six months, WCA turned to OpenSesame for help. After implementing soft skills training for managers, they saw turnover come down 39%, while being able to offer standardized, cost-effective, and engaging training for all. Today, WCA prides themselves on becoming an employer of choice through their inclusive, diverse, and accommodating corporate training programs—and a workforce that reflects those values.