Learning and Development Global Sentiment Survey 2022

Learning and Development Global Sentiment Survey 2022

The 2022 L&D Global Sentiment Survey asked “What will be hot in workplace learning in 2022?” Respondents voted for three of 15 suggested options. The format of the question has remained unchanged since 2014. 

For the first time this year, respondents could reply in free text to an optional question ‘What is your biggest L&D challenge in 2022?’ 3,518 voters participated from 112 countries. The results show how Covid-19 has both set challenges for L&D, and made it hard to tackle them.

This report includes:

  • This year’s top L&D trends and how they impact the future of workplace learning
  • How L&D trends differ from region to region 
  • Top L&D challenges of 2022 and what your organization can do to avoid them
  • Which “hot topics” from 2021 are cooling down
  • How Covid-19 will impact the trends we see in the L&D industry

More about the Global Sentiment Survey: 

The L&D Global Sentiment Survey takes the pulse of the L&D community world-wide, annually. The one-minute online poll asks L&D professionals internationally what they think will be hot in the following year.

The question is always the same format: “What will be hot in workplace L&D in [this year]?” Participants are asked to choose what they think will be hot, not what should be hot. Each person votes for 3 of 15 options, presented in random order. There is, in addition, an ‘Other’ option. Aggregated, and examined over time, these answers provide a fascinating look at trends in what people in L&D are thinking. The survey is published each year in February.

The annual L&D Global Sentiment Survey, now in its ninth year, attracts responses from thousands of respondents in over 80 countries.

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